Sunday Synopsis / Stumped on Sunday #4! ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

Sunday Synopsis / Stumped on Sunday #4!

Happy Sunday!

I have another question for this Stumped on Sunday!

This week, I started my wood-working class and I learned how to use a bunch of tools: band saw, table saw, drill press, belt sander, miter saw/compound saw/chop saw, scroll saw, nail gun, staple gun, and a router.  I think that's it...

Anyways, for this week's question...

Do you have or know of any easy projects for a newbie woodworker?  I would love to make something cute after we learn the basics!

A shot of my scrap wood, after learning how to use the tools!

Lastly, here are last week's posts in case you missed any.  :)

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  1. You could make something like a coat rack. I made one in a wood working class once. I used a scroll saw (or jigsaw) to make three continuous bunny silhouettes in 4"x24" piece of wood and then used the drill press to make holes in which to put pegs. I still use it to hang necklaces on. You could do something like that with your favourite animal or something. :)

  2. Oh fun! :) I'm definitely still collecting ideas, so let me know if you have more!


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