Weekly Wrap-Up: Fun followed by a health scare... ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

Weekly Wrap-Up: Fun followed by a health scare...

This week had a bunch of highs and lows, including a real health scare, but it looks like everything is just fine now.  Whew!  Thank goodness, and let's see the rest of my week!



That night, the whole family went to L'Opera, a great Italian restaurant in Long Beach.  It was so great!  I mean, check out the Cappellacci di Zucca below and the pretty Panna Cotta above.  See even more delicious dishes on The Episodic Eater, like the Lamb Agnello Ai Carciofi and a heavenly Sacchetto di Cioccolata (a chocolate dessert filled with Zabaione).  Delicioso!

See more on The Episodic Eater!


It was the Superbowl, so you know what we did!  I started it off with a Easy Green Smoothie and made a big pot of Quick Big Game Chili for later!  Yum!

From my Instagram feed!

Unfortunately, someone brought these cupcakes that did not last very long around here...


On Monday night, we went to meet my sister and her guy at the movie theater to watch Dallas Buyer's Club with a Question & Answer session with Jared Leto afterwards.  Fun!

We had to rush there, so we just grabbed a quick bite from Stefano's - Two Guys From Italy.  I was in such a hurry that I ended up not taking a picture of the pizzas.  Oops!  We literally walked with our pizza across the street and stood outside for a minute before running into the theater.

 photo StefanosPizzaCollage_zps6eec9434.jpg

I snapped a few photos of the Grauman's Egyptian Theatre beforehand because it is a historical place itself!

You might have only heard of Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the slightly younger theater with celebrities' hand and footprints in cement.  However, this one was opened first in 1922 and was home to the first Hollywood premiere!  The design is beautiful with many Egyptian-inspired details, at the height of the Egyptian Revival period.

 photo 333_zpsec5c5d09.jpg

Then, one of the most terrifying moments of my life occurred.  Almost as soon as the movie started, my guy told me that he "felt bad."  He put his head on my shoulder, but felt so bad that he lay down with his head on my lap.  A couple of seconds later, he completely went limp and passed out.

I had no idea what was going on, and the next minute played out super slowly.  I was able to revive him, but he was not completely responsive when he was finally roused.  We pulled him out of the theater itself and lay him down.  The medical training in me kicked in, and I was looking for signs of a stroke or post-seizure symptoms because it just came out of nowhere and I was afraid that it might be something serious.

However, by the time the paramedics arrived, he was able to talk normally and he just overall seemed better.  His blood pressure was low and the paramedics suggested that he might be dehydrated.  He thought about it and realized that he had only drank tea that morning and with his beers from the day before, he was obviously in need of regular water!

Well, the good thing is that everything looks good, and at least this did not happen when he was driving, by himself, or in a potentially dangerous situation.  Luckily, he has learned his lesson and both he and I are definitely keeping track of his water intake!

Stay well, readers!


  1. Oh my gosh, how scary!! Glad everyone is okay!

  2. How scary! So glad to hear your guy is ok.

  3. I know... It's one of those moments I won't soon forget, and thank goodness it was nothing serious!

  4. Thanks so much for your concern! It was definitely a moment to put things in perspective.


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