1 year Blogiversary & New Plans for 2014! ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

1 year Blogiversary & New Plans for 2014!

Yesterday marked exactly a year since I started the blog!  No party or big hoopla mostly because all of the holiday plans in real life mean that I have been so crazy busy.

This little blog of mine has grown so far beyond my expectations and I would love to take this time to reflect on what is in store for the blog this upcoming year, and some new posts that I hope to put into effect soon!  I'd like to think of this post as my public New Year's Resolution for Vintage Zest.  :)

 photo Picca18_zps59ed2560.jpg
Some Blogiversary Tres Leches cake from Picca!  Yum!

I will share some of my ideas for the upcoming year, but first here are...

My Current Weekly Posts

Monday - Recipe Day!

Possibly my favorite posts of the week, so they're staying put on Mondays.  :)

Tuesday - Do Tell Tuesday link party

Remember to link up every week and have the chance to be featured by any four of our blogs!

Wednesday & Thursday - Original content

You may see sewing, organization, DIY, or tutorial posts 

Friday - Weekly Wrap-ups!

All of the fun adventures, food, and fun from the week.  :)

Saturday - Shop Small Saturday Showcase

Following up on my 25 Days of Handmade Gifts series, we will be having lots of great small businesses with beautiful local, handmade goods and interviews with their fabulous makers!

 photo ShopSmallSaturdayShowcase_zpsa6146ad7.png

Sunday - Sunday Synopsis & Stumped on Sundays

Saturday Synopsis posts will now be on Sundays, and they will be exactly the same as before.  Now, what is Stumped on Sundays?

Every so often, I am completely stuck on one step of a project that I am working on, or I don't know where to buy a particular craft item, or I have a random question about gardening.  :)  Well, that is one reason that I started Stitch Once, Rip Twice to share sewing questions/answers and I would love to do the same for everything else!  These will only come up as I have questions, which may or may not be frequently...

Also, if there are any burning questions that you would like to ask my readers, e-mail me here and we'll all put our thinking caps on to help you out!

Upcoming Post Ideas

So here are some posts that you may see in the upcoming year...

  • Refashioning Challenge:  This is more of a challenge to myself, that I can turn 6 garments in my closet that I do not wear, into something much cuter!  I was going to aim for one garment per month, but I'm focusing on making my items more wearable and finely finished.

  • Healthier Recipes:  Yes, I bake cookies and eat out a lot.  However, at home I eat healthy and work out six times a week.  My blog has not really reflected that, so I'll try to change it up a bit and share the healthy stuff too!  :)

    • Vinyl Packing Cube Tutorial:  My packing cubes make it super easy to pack and I'm so glad that I sewed them up.  :)  I'm going to work on the tutorial some time this year.  :)  This post will bring me to...
    • How to Pack:  All the way back in August, I posted the picture below on my Me? A Girly Girl? post and I never wrote the posts...  oops!  Maybe by the time summer rolls around again, I'll have them done?

    • Travel Rewind:  Speaking of travel posts, I kind of want to share some pictures from my past travels, which I realized when I was putting together my Capture the Colour post.  Maybe just one or two until the travel bug hits again, and I have a chance to share more exciting trips.  :)

    Okay, so that's a possible preview to 2014.  :)  Any other thoughts or submissions for Stumped on Sunday?

    Happy Blogiversary to Me!


    1. Happy blogiversary! Looking forward to what you have in store this coming year! Cheers!
      (P.s.- that tres leches cake looks yummy!!)


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