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Gift Guide: For Him!

Welcome to my second gift guide this year, and it's all about the men!  I hope you enjoyed the first one for travel bugs, because I enjoyed putting it together for you.  I admit that this time, I had just a bit of help from my man with some of these gifts.  For the most part, I picked out items myself and got a stamp of approval, so I know there will be something that the guy in your life would love to receive!

Like the previous gift guide, I included a bunch of Shop Small Saturday Showcase features, as well as a few that I hope to write about in the future!  All in all, I handpicked thirty items to add to your holiday shopping list.

Now, let's get to the gift guide!

Looking Fresh

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him on Diane's Vintage Zest!

  1. Full year of blades from Dollar Shave Club starting from $36 : Busy men will appreciate not having to remember to by razors when they show up at his door every month!
  2. Uppercut Deluxe Pomade $17.94 : Date nights will be a lot more stylish with this pomade.
  3. Herschel Supply Co. Men's Chapter Travel Kit $25 : Every man needs a place to stash their products on the guy. Find the right pattern to match your man's style!
  4. Phrenology of a Gentleman shirt from Maiden Voyage Clothing Co. $28 : All of Maiden Voyage Clothing Co.'s illustrated shirts are fantastic. Check them out!
  5. Ship's Wheel Brass Lapel Pin from Wertz All-Natural $24 : Add a little touch of class to any suit with this lapel pin.
  6. Mini Leather Keychain from Montrose Leather Works $15 : Use this hand-crafted leather keychain with a built-in clip for function with great design.
  7. Exotic Wenge Wood Cigar Case and Flask Combo from Wood Brain $105 : A beautiful and unique gift that is sure to catch anyone's eye. There are a few other wood options, as well as other hand-crafted items, perfect for a gift!
  8. Kenneth Cole Reaction Briefcase $110.49 : Need a place to tuck away your pomade and cigar case above? Try out this bag!

For the Bachelor Pad

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him on Diane's Vintage Zest!
  1. The Ultimate Beer Lover's Happy Hour $12.96 : A cookbook stock full of recipes to go with your happy hour or game watching party at home!
  2. Bourbon Curious: A Simple Tasting Guide for the Savvy Drinker $15.57 : I gave this to my brother-in-law, who loves bourbon, and he loved it!
  3. Monolith Bookends from MFEO $179 : Handcrafted, sturdy bookends to organize all their new books!
  4. Stuffed Felt Applique Dorado Dolphin Mahi Mahi Sport Fish from Kheel's $250 : For fisherman and non-fisherman alike, this stuffed sport fish is just one of Kheel's many items, great for gift giving!
  5. Skyline Coat Hanger from Treeline Woodworks $210 : This unique coat hanger is a wonderful addition to any home, even when it's not in use!
  6. Cavendish Candle from Artisan Candle Company $15 : Artisan Candle Company describes this candle as "reminiscent of a gentleman's library" with its tobacco and cherrywood notes.  Gorgeous!
  7. Sith and Jedi Altered Vintage Coffee Mug Set from Beat Up Creations $60 : These tongue-in-cheek coffee mugs are just two of the many items that are sure to give your man a chuckle.
  8. Bull & Horns Key Hook Sculpture from The Creature Den $80 : Your coats have somewhere awesome to hang, so why not your keys?  Try out this bull & horns version, or check out the rest of their selection, with dinosaurs, sharks, polar bears, and more!

Sip It

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him on Diane's Vintage Zest!

  1. Stone Brewing - W00tstout 3.0 $10.99 : Here's where I got some help.  If your man likes a good strong stout, he'll love this beer.
  2. North Coast Brewery - Brother Thelonious $8.99 : Ale lovers will love this strong Belgium version.
  3. Dogfish Head Brewery - 120 minute IPA $12 : Men who love their hops will appreciate this imperial double IPA.
  4. Artisanal bitters from Olive Heights Trading Company $12 : Bitters are an essential component of any cocktail maker's cabinet.  Try these absinthe bitters, used in restaurants around L.A.!
  5. Ludlow's Jelly Shots $11.99 : Grown-up versions of jelly shots, with flavors like margarita and old-fashioned.
  6. Wooden Beer Mug from Brooklyn Butcher Blocks $70 : A gorgeous alternative to a glass beer stein, this is a super unique gift!
  7. Flasks from Foxboxes starting from $25 : Personally, I love the map flasks, but you can go with another style, or even request a custom design!

Eat It

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him on Diane's Vintage Zest!

  1. Habanero Chili Sauce from All Good Sauce $8 : This spicy-sweet sauce is actually made in conjunction with M. Greenwood Jams below. This vibrant sauce is flavorful, but not for the feint of heart!
  2. Assorted pickles from Pernicious Pickling Co $9.99 : Every time I see Pernicious Pickling Co. at a show, I have to say hello and try out their newest flavors. Try their extra spicy pickles, pickled red onions (amazing on sandwiches), or pickled & curried cauliflower. Gorgeous and delicious!
  3. Jalapeño Lime Jelly from Preservation Society $10 : The jalapeño lime jelly from Preservation Society is so many tastes rolled into one: spicy, sweet, and sour. A great mix of flavors and it looks like a rainbow in a jar.  Pretty!
  4. Chimichurri Sauce from Elvio's $14 : Known as the "ketchup of Argentina", a good chimichurri sauce in a bottle is actually impossible to find.  No longer!  This chimichurri great on meats, vegetables, and even with chips.
  5. Smoked Applewood Caramel Sauce from Praline Patisserie $8 : This smoky caramel sauce is not just good for dessert, it's wonderful on the grill!  Their more traditional sauces are just as incredible, if your man has a sweet tooth.
  6. "Classic" 4-Pack of Infinity Sauces $23.20 : I taste-tested every single sauce from Infinity Sauces, so I know the way to go is the four pack of classics.  The unique flavors are also available individually, if you want to get the whole spread!
  7. Bourbon Mustard from M. Greenwood Jams $9 : This bourbon mustard is ah-maz-ing.  In addition to the jams they make, M. Greenwood makes some mustards, which I had the opportunity to taste test as well.  Delicious!

And that's all for now!  I hope you found something for the manly man on your list, or perhaps yourself.

What will the man on your list be receiving this year?  (I promise, I won't tell!)

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