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Sunday Synopsis + Bobbin & Iron Suggestions?

Happy Sunday!

For today's question, I wanted to ask again about anyone who might have an answer to Kathy's queries from last week...
What are the best bobbins to purchase? (She has a Finesse 827)  I've tried three different times at the local fabric chain here called Hancock and all three times the bobbins wind fine but can't be used for sewing, they totally get bound into the bobbin case.
My other question is about irons. Mine is old, and now it leaks. I clean it but I guess the tubes inside from the steam chamber are just worn out. Who can suggest a new one? I haven't bought an iron in 30 years!

Sunday Synopsis/Stumped on Sunday on Diane's Vintage Zest

Let's try to help Kathy out!

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Sunday Synopsis/Stumped on Sunday on Diane's Vintage Zest

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Sunday Synopsis/Stumped on Sunday on Diane's Vintage Zest

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Sunday Synopsis/Stumped on Sunday on Diane's Vintage Zest

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Happy rest of the weekend!


  1. This is for your friend with the Finesse 827: Here is the manual. Finesse is actually a Singer brand. (that part is not obvious at first). Here is the manual from the Singer company:


    And here is a copy that is easier to read!!!:


    (I have NO idea why it's on this site! If you go to the home link it's about a guy playing pool!)

    However, the ONLY info I found about the bobbin, was "transparent drop-in bobbin" on Pg 8. My advice would be to buy a Singer brand bobbin that is transparent and may say "drop in bobbin" on the box. *It also says that she should never buy a metal bobbin with this machine, because it originally came with a plastic bobbin*

    It looks like she will buy a Class 15 or Class 66. My Singer manual said I should always use a Class 15 plastic bobbin, and I do NOT have the drop-in bobbin. The difference is that one is curved and the other is flat. The Class 66 is used with Vintage machines. She has a "top drop in bobbin case" and NOT a removable bobbin case (like mine). I included a Dritz (brand) link for info, but I always stick with Singer brand bc that's what the manual said I should always use (I know it's probably for them to make more money but the price is about the same, and sewing can be hard enough without adding super frustrating problems to it!)

    ***If either size does NOT work, or she wants to know more, then I suggest she email a store (like this one:, that specifically deals with sewing machine parts. They service Singer machines. ALSO, since it's a vintage machine, that she find a place that services sewing machines and have them do a good cleaning and tune-up. They might be able to help her with any questions.

    Here's some links that I got the info from:




  2. Sushi for the first time!!! I hope you are as addicted as I am. :) Thanks for the blog design compliment too! The earthquakes didn't affect anyone that I knew, and usually we just check around for damage but it wasn't that bad in our area. It's just odd to have so many strong ones in a cluster of such a short period of time!

  3. Oh wow, thanks! So much information to pass on! :)


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