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Wooden Basket Dilemma for Stumped on Sunday / Sunday Synopsis

Happy Sunday!

Today's Stumped on Sunday question is about the wood basket (pictured below) that I shared with you on Friday.  Basically, this is what I ended up with and I'm not a huge fan, but I still want to finish it.  My question is...

Do you think I should paint it, stain it, cover it up with fabric, or just give it away?

This is the "example" basket, but I'm not a huge fan...  What do you think?

 photo 171Woodworkingbasket_zpsf6234b0f.jpg

Lastly, here are last week's posts in case you missed any.  :)

Sunday Synopsis!

 photo SundaySynopsis14-3-21_zps6e8aa771.jpg

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 photo SundaySynopsis14-3-22_zpsba6ae2f4.jpg

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on The Episodic Eater:  A late night dinner at Amor Y Tacos.  You'll want to see these yummy dishes!

 photo SundaySynopsis14-3-23_zpscda5d79c.jpg

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Happy rest of the weekend!


  1. Hi. Maybe you could paint the little blocks in different colours. As spring is approaching, I'd take a variety of bright colours and abstractly paint it and create a cheery checkered(ish) look.

  2. I think you should stain it with different shades of brown to bring out its detailed look. Each season you can decorate the handle with a fancy bow. Such as for Easter do an Easter bow. At Christmas, do a Christmas bow, etc....

  3. I'm a wood staining newbie, so chances are that if I stained it, the shades would be completely different anyways!


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