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Crochet Rewind: Hats, Scarves & Blankets!

Remember how last year I shared the crocheted pouch for my external hard drive and mentioned that it would be my only crochet rewind?  Well, I have a little bit of a surprise for you!  I was thinking about how I have a definite lack of crafts on my blog, compared to the amount of recipes and food posts, so I wanted to share this all with you today!

I started crocheting my freshman year of college and thought it was really fun!  I have given it up in favor of sewing recently, only because I have more than enough warm items to wear, as you can see below, and I do live in California!  However, I realized after meeting Kate of Small & Great, there are so many other items to crochet and I am inspired to take it up again soon!

By the way, these are items that I had on hand to photograph, and you might have seen a couple of these in my Closet Clean-Out post already.  Let's take a peek!


I actually have two of these identically ones because I had enough yarn in the skein to make a couple.  Although I only have two here, I actually once made about 80 of them one holiday season for our entire student government staff!  It was ridiculous!

I use these whenever it gets cold inside the house to avoid turning on the heater.  :)

 photo CrochetRewind1-Hats_zpsbaf83198.jpg


I decided to experiment with some extra green yarn and make a beret!  I also aded a little button flower, just for a bit of a cute factor.

 photo CrochetRewind2_zps1b2446fb.jpg

Here is the underside.  Neat!

 photo CrochetRewind3_zpsd37765e0.jpg

In honor of the Lakers, I made one of these for our annual Christmas game.  I could always wear this with my refashioned Lakers dress!

 photo CrochetRewind4_zpsd02c1b39.jpg

Scarves Galore!

Now, this is the first project I ever crocheted!  Not very even at the ends, but that's to be expected.  :)

 photo CrochetRewind9_zps72ddb8fa.jpg

This is actually the second project I ever made, but it was all gray at first.  Later on, I decided to remove some of the ends and add in the beige stripe, plus the fringe.  That's why the yarn is so curly... it used to be part of the scarf itself!

 photo CrochetRewind11_zps5ae8461e.jpg

This was one of my favorite scarves ever when I lived in Nashville because the tan color is perfect for matching with practically everything.  Also, the super soft yarn is extra nice!

 photo CrochetRewind8_zpsdbe3a216.jpg

I made this extra thick scarf with the same yarn in a dark charcoal gray.  I don't really use this as often as I should!

 photo CrochetRewind10_zps01f82131.jpg

Then, I started to experiment with wacky yarn...

This is soooo nice and soft!  I just love the texture too.

 photo CrochetRewind6_zps9b523f34.jpg

The colors are a crazy peacock, but I love it!  Also, it looks pretty nice, don't you think?

 photo CrochetRewind5_zps8d76c346.jpg

Now this one, totally reminds me of a fuzzy caterpillar, and even though it doesn't look bad... it's just not as soft and warm as the others.  I haven't worn it out before, hence the tail I never cut off!

 photo CrochetRewind7_zps22b9d94e.jpg


I have only made three blankets before in my life.  The first was this one below, which is basically a huge version of one of my scarves above!

 photo CrochetRewind13_zps31d5d554.jpg

The second one was for my guy, made out of the same yarn but the dark charcoal gray color.  He still has it, but I did not have a chance to photograph it.

 photo CrochetRewind14_zps5b5644be.jpg

The third blanket was for my grandmother.  I used a beige yarn with brown and black flecks, which I thought she would like.  She used it until she died, and it was the only handmade item that I ever was able to give to her, in comparison to all of the pretty items she sewed for my family.


And that is it!  A walk down memory lane with my crochet hook and myself.  :)

Do you crochet?  What was your first project?

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  1. So cute. I wish I took the time to learn how to crochet!

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