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Weekly Wrap-Up: Crafting & Crêpes!

This weekend was pretty low-key with lots of crafting!  It was definitely a nice change from all of the furniture window shopping and blog updating that I have been doing in my little bits of free time now that my work has increased by a ton.



During the week, I went to Crème de la Crêpe with my mom for a girl's dinner out.  We had so many goodies: crêpes galore, escargots, paté and baguettes.  Magnifique!  Check it all out on The Episodic Eater!

 photo CremedelaCrepe13_zpsda9f6d17.jpg

This weekend, I finally did some crafting.  My niece came over and she helped me with a project that has been on my to do list for forever!  Yay!  I just wanted to share a sneak peek before I have a chance to photograph it with my nice camera.  :)

 photo -303_zpsa2d6f0d6.jpg

We had a bit of time left until my cousin showed up, so my niece and I sewed a little bag to match a pouch we made some time ago.  Here is her cute sketch of the design she had in mind!

 photo NiecesPouch1_zps9288652c.jpg

We started with a few scrap materials that I had on hand.  The same bit of free fabric that I had leftover from making her pouch, yellow fleece left over from my failed Anise copycat, a couple of lanyards from a conference my guy attended, and one sparkly button that I probably bought for 5 cents or so.  All in all, a 5 cent project but priceless for my niece!

 photo NiecesPouch2_zpscc0ac6d4.jpg

Here is what we ended up with!  She loved it so much that she used it the next day for her "prizes" at her birthday party.  :)

 photo NiecesPouch8_zps079431a8.jpg

And she wrote a secret note to me that I found later.  Cute!

 photo NiecesPouch9_zps115bd5ae.jpg

We had a discussion on the difference between "Your" and "You're," so she knows the difference now. Yep, that's me: the sewing-teaching and grammar-correcting auntie!

This weekend we have some fun plans that I'm excited about, but I'm afraid there will be no crafting time.  Oh well...

How was your weekend?


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