Sunday Synopsis / Stumped on Sunday #5 ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

Sunday Synopsis / Stumped on Sunday #5

Happy Sunday!

Thanks to everyone who answered last week's Stumped on Sunday question.  Remember, if you have a question that you want to have answered by my readers, e-mail me here so we can ask all of the smart cookies that read my lil' ole' blog.  :)


For today, I am being purely selfish because I'm feeling really, really under the weather lately.  Runny nose, sneezing fits, and just feeling plain icky.  Anyways, my poor nose is red and peeling with all of tissues I have been using.  So here's the question...

Do you know of a way to avoid looking like Rudolph (the red-nosed-reindeer) when you are sick and are constantly blowing your nose?  I don't think those lotion-infused tissues really work...

Lastly, here are last week's posts in case you missed any.  :)

Sunday Synopsis!

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Monday:  Favorite breakfast #6: Another easy recipe, this time for a delicious, vegetarian breakfast sandwich!

Tuesday:  Do Tell Tuesday #10 with our lovely guest co-host Irene and features from last week.  :)  Come link up and try to get featured on all four blogs next week!

Wednesday:  Check out these helpful tips for sewing with Velcro!

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Thursday:  Need a wallpaper for your phone?  Download this one!

Friday:  This week's wrap-up with a couple of firsts and delicious food!

Saturday:  See Kim's gorgeous jewelry with a promo just for my readers!


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