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Six Delicious Dishes... But No Blog Posts?

This is going to be a very, very liberating post for me actually!  I have held on to some of these pictures for months, and I just decided to share them all with you in one fell swoop.  :)  For different reasons, these are dishes that I am not going to share the recipes for, like the one that I came up with but forgot how I made...

Here are all of my unblogged dishes of 2013.  :)


Persimmon Pudding

By the time I made the Persimmon Spice Tea CakePersimmon Cranberry Oatmeal, and Persimmon Crumble, I was up to my ears in persimmons!  I tried to make a sweet persimmon banana pudding with the rest, but it was awful.  Not a delicious dish, as hinted at in the title but the rest are!

Persimmon Cake

I used the puree to make a cake, which looked terrible but was amazing!  It almost reminded me of a sticky toffee pudding because it was so nice and moist.  I would have loved to share it with you (with better plating), BUT I forgot to write down my final ratio of ingredients, which makes it a completely useless recipe.  Oops!

 photo DSC02407_zps48e71880.jpg

Pumpkin Lasagna

This was a lasagna I whipped together quickly when I had extra ricotta in the refrigerator and canned pumpkin in the pantry.  Well, it was just okay...  not blogworthy, even though it was completely eaten.  Simply put, it did not get a passing grade at all!

 photo DSC03304_zps353e19a3.jpg

Corn Salsa

I made a nice little roasted corn salsa to serve as a side dish, but I never plated it.  In fact, this is a quick picture that I took with my phone before I just decided to eat it like a salad.  Points for flavor, but a big fat 0 for photography & plating.

 photo -CornSalsa_zps61b26895.jpg

Mini Pumpkin Pies

Just okay again.  I was 0 for 2 on pumpkin recipes on the blog.  I adapted a sweet potato pie recipe that I love into this... and it just looked and tasted eh.  I'll stick to the taters next time!

 photo -DSC01212_zpsf20f879e.jpg

French Toast & Fruit Medley

Trying to follow up the success of my Favorite Breakfasts 1, 2, 3, and 4, I was going to eventually share my favorite weekend breakfast.  This was a normal morning breakfast, so it was plated on an ugly plate and I did not do a step-by-step recipe.  I mean, it's just French Toast, so who needs a tutorial, right?  Well, it would be nice to do one day, but this is the only picture I have in the meantime.

 photo 268_zpsda280aa3.jpg

Cauliflower Gratin

It was deee-licious!  Then what was the problem?  It looked pretty gross and not much better when spooned into a separate plate.  If I ever make this again, I already have a plan to make it much nicer looking.  :)

 photo 351_zpscf28ca6a.jpg

I was going to add an eighth dish here, but I am holding out on the off-chance that I will actually blog about it!  :)  So my success rate isn't 100%, but I'm hoping 2014 will be better!  :)

Have you had any unblogged dishes?


  1. Hi Diane!

    I've just stumbled across your blog - you have some great posts!

    I look forward to reading more from you and I'm now following on twitter to make sure I see all of your updates!

    Kate - Cakes and Bakes by Kate

  2. The corn salsa looks really really good. :-)

  3. I have so many unblogged dishes it's not even funny! Thanks for sharing so many great recipes at this week's Project Inspire{d}. Have a lovely week. {pinning a few!}

  4. Looks Delicious! I’d love it if you’d share this at my very first linky party, going on now!

  5. Congrats on the link party! I'll stop over. :)

  6. I'm sure the cauliflower grain was delicious! I have several recipes that haven't been blogged for the same reasons you outlined. However, I've published a few (several actually) with horrible photos bc they were so good. Glad you shared your photos. Stopping by from Organized 31 :)

  7. It was! Thanks for the letting me know that I'm not alone!

  8. Thanks! :) It didn't last too long actually. :)

  9. Mmmm. Pumpkin lasagna sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday at Organized 31.

  10. I'm sure we ALL have those projects or recipes we took pictures of and then for one reason or another never posted. I sure have anyway. It's fun to see someone else does the same thing. :) Thanks for linking up at Gingerly Made.

  11. Thanks! At least none of them were inedible! :)

  12. Hi Diane,

    Thanks so much for sharing them with Wednesday's Adorned From Above Link Party.

    Have a great week.

    Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above

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    for sharing at the Krafty Inspiration Thursday Link Party, you have been chosen
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