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Stitch Once, Rip Twice: General Information, Past Challenges & Current Members


We have had so many new members joining and people interested in our challenges asking for details.  Very exciting!  However, the posts were all over the place, and I thought it would make much more sense to have a single page where we have all of the important information.

If you are interesting in joining, please e-mail me or visit our Facebook page to request an invitation.  For more about us, read below!

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Group Description

We all subscribe to tons of sewing blogs, but most of the bloggers are people who have years of experience.  It's totally fun to read for the inspiration, but they don't have problems with the nitty gritty details.  Thus, I thought it would be fun to start a group for beginning sewers!

The idea is to pick a project (same pattern, similar trend) and share our individual results (and problems along the way).  Also, sometimes we all need motivation, and having a virtual group will help to make sure projects don't sit for too long.

If you join, you are not required to sew every project along with us.  Some of us have blogs, while others don't, but you can always share on the Facebook page!

For the post announcing the group and more details, click here!

Past Challenges

Spring 2013: The "Black & White" Challenge

  • Description: We decided to make garments incorporating the spring trend of black and white.  Read more here.
  • Final Project Round-up: All in all, the members of Stitch Once, Rip Twice made four tops, a pair of shorts, and a tunic!  Click here for the pictures.

Summer 2013: Pencil Skirt Challenge

  • Description: The members made all kinds of pretty pencil skirts!  Read more about the challenge rules here.
  • Final Project Round-up: We had eight members submit finished skirts with different fun details, colors, and patterns.  It was really fun to see everyone's take on the simple pencil skirt!  Click here for the pictures.

Late Summer 2013: Choose Your Challenge: Refashioning or 1960's!

  • Description: We had a tie!  Thus, for our third project we made it a choose your challenge.  Refashion an existing garment or the 1960's trend.  Or for overachievers... both!  Rules and inspiration photos here!
  • Final Project Round-up: We had seven members submit all kinds of garments from tops to dresses for kids and adults alike!  Just one challenge inspired such different, beautiful items.  Click here for all of the pictures and links.

Fall/Winter 2013: Mad About Plaid!

  • Description: We are mad about plaid for our Fall/Winter challenge.  Can you blame us?  Check out some inspiration photos and the rules in this post!
  • Final Project Round-up: We had completely different projects from our members that they sewed over the holidays.  Few but mighty!  See all of them here.  :)

#5: A Simple Top!

  • Description: After the last challenge we wanted to have more participation from our members, especially since we gained a bunch lately!  Check out some inspiration photos and the rules in this post!
  • Final Project Round-up: So many pretty projects, including four from new members!  Check it all out here.

Current Challenge

Spring 2014: Simple Dress Challenge

  • Description:  Our last challenge had much more participation, so we ended up choosing a Simple Dress for our next one!  Check out some inspiration photos and the rules in this post.
  • Final Project Round-up:  The challenge ends on June 15th, so if you want to join in, e-mail me for an invite!

Current Members
  1. Alisha G.
  2. Alisha S. (Alexandria Bay, NY): Blog: Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife, Facebook, Pinterest
  3. Alison (UK): Blog: Thimberlina
  4. Amanda (Oxnard, CA): Blog: Kaleidoscope of Colors, Google+Facebook, InstagramEtsy
  5. Amy (Oklahoma City, OK): Blog: Sews N Bows, Bloglovin', Google+Facebook, TwitterPinterest
  6. Andrea
  7. Angela (northeastern Ohio): Blog: Work Pray Sew, Bloglovin', Instagram
  8. Ann (Washington D.C.)
  9. Anna (Sorgà, Italy): Blog: Riusa & Crea, FacebookPinterestTwitterRiuso Creativo
  10. Barbie (Japan)
  11. Becky (Huntington Beach, CA)
  12. Brenda (North Carolina)
  13. Caitlin (Canada)
  14. Cathy (Milwaukie, OR)
  15. Cecilia
  16. ChiChi (Atlanta, GA): Blog: ChiChi Loves, Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Pinterest
  17. Christine
  18. Coleen (Kutztown, PA)
  19. Crystal (Wahiawa, HI)
  20. Daniela (Mission, BC): Blog: On the Cutting Floor
  21. Debbie (Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin)
  22. Debra
  23. Deli (London, UK)
  24. Diana
  25. Diane H. (Fresno, CA)
  26. Diane (Southern CA): Blog: Vintage Zest, Bloglovin', Google+, Facebook, Twitter, InstagramPinterest
  27. Din (Brooklyn, NY)
  28. Earlyne (Santa Cruz, CA)
  29. Elena (Madrid, Spain)
  30. Elie
  31. Elisa (Verona, Italy): Blog: Make Your Own ClothingPausacioccolata, Pinterest, Facebook
  32. Gaye
  33. Gemma
  34. Glynis (Atlanta, GA)
  35. Heather (Saint Louis, MO)
  36. Ilaria (Pegli, Liguria, Italy)
  37. Jacqui
  38. Jennifer (Greeley, PA): Blog: The Lachman Collection
  39. Jessica (Coeur d'Alene, Idaho)
  40. Jini (Albuquerque, NM)
  41. Joanne
  42. Joen (Delran, NJ)
  43. Joseph
  44. Julie (Washington D.C.)
  45. Kaffibee (Nigeria)
  46. Kaisla (Finland)
  47. Kaisu
  48. Karen (near Houston, TX): Facebook
  49. Karima (Brooklyn, NY): Etsy
  50. Karin
  51. Kat
  52. Kathleen (Charlotte, NC)
  53. Kathy (Jeffersonville, IN)
  54. Kelsey (Carbondale, IL)
  55. Kim (Allentown, PA)
  56. Kitty (Boulder, CO)
  57. Kristin (NYC, NY): Blog: Sew Classic, Bloglovin', Google+, FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, Tumblr
  58. Krystina (MD)
  59. Latisha (near Milwaukee, WI)
  60. Laura C. (Italy)
  61. Lauren (Portland, OR): Blog: A Red EmberBloglovinPinterestInstagram
  62. Laurie
  63. Linda
  64. Lisa (Wesley Chapel, NC)
  65. Loredana (Italy)
  66. Lynn (Kapellen, Belgium)
  67. Maleficent (Lebanon, OR)
  68. MammaNene (Northern Italy): Blog: Serger PepperBloglovin'Google+FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest
  69. Marda (Petaluma, CA)
  70. Marina (Belgrade, Serbia)
  71. Marianne (Sunnyvale, CA)
  72. Marjorie (Plainfield, CT)
  73. Mark
  74. Mary (Southern CA): Blog: Dim Sum Knitting
  75. Maxine
  76. Mayra
  77. Mela (Trieste, Italy): Blog: A Fish-Flavoured Apple, TwitterInstagram
  78. Melinda
  79. Melissa (Padua, Italy)
  80. Melody (Corpus Christi, TX)
  81. Milena (Montreal, Quebec)
  82. Mirakol: Blog: Foggy Mirrors and Dirty Dishes
  83. Mo (CA): Blog: Who is that girl Mo?, Bloglovin'Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr
  84. Naba
  85. Nay (New South Wales, Australia): Blog: The Wardrobe Surgeon, Bloglovin'Pinterest
  86. Ngwanma
  87. Nicki (Australia)
  88. Nicole (Australia)
  89. Nicoline (Dublin, Ireland)
  90. Parnuuna (Aalborg, Denmark): Blog: Be My Goth, Bloglovin', Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  91. Pearle
  92. Pramudita (Renton, Washington)
  93. Rachel (UK): Blog: The Hollywood SewBloglovin'TwitterTumblr
  94. Reggie
  95. Rss (Singapore)
  96. Ruth (Little Rock, AR)
  97. Sabrina (Atlanta, GA): Blog: Sweetfrenchtoast, TwitterPinterest, Instagram
  98. Sam
  99. Sandra (Madrid, Spain): Blog: Sandrine Photografie
  100. Sara (South Portland, ME)
  101. Scooter (Philadelphia, PA): Blog: Scooter PhoenixPinterestTwitterTumblr
  102. Sequoia (OH)
  103. Sharon (Singapore)
  104. Shawanee' (College Station, TX)
  105. Shawn (Fenton, MI)
  106. Shelia (MI)
  107. Sheryl
  108. Shiree
  109. Sonia (Nottingham, UK)
  110. Stacey
  111. Stine (Odense, Denmark)
  112. Sue (UK)
  113. Sunita (TX): Blog: Quasionstilts, Instagram, Etsy
  114. Susan (Hazard, KY)
  115. Suzie (Montreal, Quebec): Blog: Fabric Maverick
  116. Tanya Maile (Northern California): Blog: Mrs. Hughes
  117. Tasha (Washington, D.C.): Blog: The Tell Tale Tasha, Instagram, Bloglovin'
  118. Tiffany S. (British Columbia, Canada): Blog: Tiffany's Notions and Knits, Bloglovin', Etsy
  119. Tiffany T. (Texas)
  120. Tina (San Diego, CA): Blog: Artelicious, Bloglovin', FeedlyPinterest
  121. Tricia (Butte, MT): Google+PinterestEtsy
  122. Val (Edmonton, Alberta)
  123. Vicky (UK): Blog: Vicky Myers Creations, Twitter, Pinterest
  124. Victoria B. (near Pittsburgh, PA): Blog: Very Blissful, Bloglovin', Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  125. Victoria L.
  126. Wanda
  127. Wendy (Atlanta, GA)
  128. Yasminar (UK)
  129. Yolanda

Once again, if you'd like to join, please e-mail me or visit our Facebook page to request an invitation.  We'd love to have you!


  1. Sweet! 48 members and counting. :-)

  2. I've just joined the FB group and would love to be included on this list.

    Tanya Maile, Northern California. Blog:

  3. Here's my info for the list...ChiChi, Atlanta,Blog

  4. Angela , northeast Ohio
    - , Bloglovin': workpraysew, Instagram: workpraysew


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