Challenge #6: Simple Dress Challenge! ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

Challenge #6: Simple Dress Challenge!

Welcome to Stitch Once, Rip Twice's second challenge of 2014!  After our last Simple Top Challenge, which had more participation than the last few combined, we voted on a few different options!

Overwhelmingly, the members of Stitch Once, Rip Twice voted in favor of one choice.  May I present the...

Simple Dress Challenge Announcement on Diane's Vintage Zest!

The Rules
  1. Your simple dress can be for yourself or someone else, and there's no restriction to which pattern, fabric, or style!
  2. It can be made from scratch or refashioned, just as long as you use your sewing skills.
  3. Share anything you would like on your blog or on the group's Facebook page along the way.  That includes patterns, techniques, inspiration, project ideas, problems, and in-progress pictures.
  4. Have your finished dress done and posted by June 15th either on your personal blog or on the Facebook page.  The week after the deadline, I'll put together a wrap-up post with everyone's finished garments so we can all see!

Also, if you have a blog, post the button above by grabbing the code below!  Thanks to Scooter for designing our button.  :)

Simple Dress Challenge Announcement on Diane's Vintage Zest!

Usually, I show a few inspiration images for a particular garment, but this challenge is a simple dress, which could be just about everything!!!  Instead, I will share a few collages of the patterns from my collection, plus a couple of ideas that I am kicking around right now.

I have a whopping 56 dresses in my huge pattern collection, about half of which I definitely don't want to sew because the pattern is too intricate, ugly (I received some for free), or for the winter months so I wouldn't be able to wear it right away!  Here are a few patterns that I have been mulling over...

Too Ugly

McCall's 6460

McCall's 6505

McCall's 6319

I might like some of the details in these dresses, but it would take much too much tweaking/Franken-patterning to make something I would wear.

Too Retro

Butterick 5813

Simplicity 1777

Gertie - The Wiggle Dress

All lovely patterns, but I'm making a conscious decision to sew garments that I can actually wear on a daily basis!

Too Fancy

Simplicity 1798

Simplicity 1802

Simplicity 2178

More cute patterns, but they need a special occasion.  One day soon!

Now, moving on to patterns that I am considering!  All three of these are would be perfect for spring and summer weather, right?


Colette Chantilly

Simplicity 1688

Butterick 5885

In all honesty, I have a WIP that needs to be finished, so that will probably be my project for the challenge.  :)  It is the Colette Hazel that I started ages ago!  Isn't it a lovely pattern?

Colette Hazel

As for the fabric, remember waaay back when I cut fabric way back when?  Yep, I am finally going to use one of the piles of fabric that have been hanging out in my stash!

As always, if you are interested in joining in on the challenge, please e-mail me or visit our Facebook page to request an invitation.  For more information about the group, click here.  :)

Let's get sewing!

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  1. Ooh I'm excited about this one!! Not sure what I'm sewing, but it will be in knit:) grabbing my button now!!


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