Announcement: Stitch Once, Rip Twice Facebook Group! ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

Announcement: Stitch Once, Rip Twice Facebook Group!

I'm super excited to announce a fun new sewing circle that I've joined!  Well, a sewing circle of sorts...

Since none of my real life friends regularly sew garments, I started a group on Facebook.  We all subscribe to tons of sewing blogs, but most of the bloggers are people who have been doing it forever.  It's totally fun to read for the inspiration, but they don't have problems with the nitty gritty.

Thus, I thought it would be fun to start a group for beginning sewers.  Say hello to Stitch Once, Rip Twice!

If you're interested in joining, it is a closed group for now.  Just e-mail me, and I'll send an invite your way!

The idea is to pick a project (same pattern, similar trend) and share our individual  results (and problems along the way).  Also, sometimes we all need motivation, and having a virtual group will help to make sure projects don't sit for too long!

Pieces cut and yet to be sewn...for over 2 months!

Meet the girls! (in alphabetical order)

Diane (me) of Vintage Zest
Kristin of Sew Classic
Rachel of Layer, Stitch, Repeat.
Sabrina of Sweet French Toast
Victoria of Very Blissful

For our first project, we decided to go with the Spring 2013 trend of black and white.

*Update* See the finished projects here!

Here are a few examples from straight from the runway! 

These are a great jumping off point for inspiration, but I'm pretty sure that my garment will be a bit more wearable, like the pictures below!

Map the Sewintists
Have you guys done this yet?  I am virtual stalking my sewing neighbors, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  I found out about a fabric store I didn't know about, and other fun blogs!

Not exactly where I live of course, but in the general Southern California area...  :)

International Craft Swap
As you may have noticed on my sidebar, another fun project I have to plan for is the International Craft Swap.  I signed up and I can't wait to see who I'm paired up with!  Last year's theme was pincushions, which I would have totally rocked!  This year's theme is Nautical, so I'm going to have to think a bit harder on that one, and of course it will depend on my swap partner!

Does anyone have any fun projects in the works?  If not, join our group!  We'll be happy to have you.  :)


  1. I've sent you a request for your FB's sewing group :)
    MammaNene from

    1. Begin Heidi Klum impression:

      Mamma Nene... You're in!

      End Heidi Klum impression. :(

    2. Thank you Heidi/Diane/Heidi :)
      Can you explain me what I have to do with this B/W challenge? I can choose the sewing project to sew and then share (by which date?), it only has to be B/W?

    3. Yes, we are choosing the palette of black and white in any form: patterns, solids, etc. You can choose any project you wish. A few members posted their plans already, some tops, a dress, etc. and then shared with us on the Facebook page.

      We chose the April 30th as our first deadline, so you should have enough time to join in. If not, we're in the midst of planning the second one, and have had some suggestions already on the group page.

      Feel free to scroll through the previous Facebook posts to read about the rest of the members and our discussions so far!

    4. That's ok, Im in :)
      There's plenty of time (and as usual I'll be sewing in rush in the last two nights... :))
      Can it be a project for my daughter or it hasto be for me?
      And... is there a winner?

    5. It can be for your daughter, and so far we didn't talk about a winner. Looking forward to your creation!

  2. This sounds like such a great group! I'm really tempted to join. Once I get back to school I'll see how hectic things are then decide if I have the time or not!


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