Weekly Wrap-Up: Valentine's Day & feeling sick... ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

Weekly Wrap-Up: Valentine's Day & feeling sick...

Just after last week's recap, I was pretty much under the weather the whole week!

  • Sights:  Being sick :( and catching up online!  :)
  • Eats:  ARC Food & Libations, The Crooked Duck

Valentine's Day Dinner @ ARC Food & Libations

Well, Friday was Valentine's Day, and I was feeling ridiculously awful.  I barely made it through the day, so our plans had to be postponed.  Just before my guy left work, I told him that I was going to do my best to scrounge up the last of my energy for a semi-special dinner with him.  We ended up catching a last-minute table at ARC Food & Libations, which we last went to in August.

My guy ordered his drink, called Coffee & Cigarettes...

 photo ARCFoodampLibations3_zps19819e18.jpg

...and we ordered this spread and more!  Check it all out here on The Episodic Eater!

 photo ARCFoodampLibations7_zpsdccfd2a0.jpg

Over the whole weekend, I ended up being really sick at home.  :(  Sniffles like crazy!  I did not have any food at home, so I had a bunch of people coming over with food and care packages in between naps.  So nice!

In the meantime, I ended up going through all of my e-mails and whittled them down from 700+ to under 50.  Yesss!  I even received a funny picture from my guy again with another weird Rick Owens outfit.  Remember the first one?

 photo 194_zpsddbe7da2.jpg

Seriously, how is this $349 on sale?

As for my care packages, first I had this juice delivery from Caribbean Juice filled strawberry, orange, and ginger.  Ah, soothing for the throat!

After a good night of sleep, I woke up on Sunday at noon, hours past when I normally wake up!  I actually had my appetite back, so my family brought me some food.  I actually ended up eating it all!

 photo 222_zpse787e4c0.jpg

Basically, it was a completely low-key weekend, but I'm happy to say that I'm finally feeling better!  Oh joy!

Have you caught any of the bugs floating around lately?


  1. Good to hear you are better! I'm actually home sick right now. :P

  2. Oh no! I hope you feel well soon. :)


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