Random Acts of Blogging #1: Meeting bloggers, Bad clothing, Weird search terms ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

Random Acts of Blogging #1: Meeting bloggers, Bad clothing, Weird search terms

So, I wasn't sure what to call this post because there were a few items that I wanted to share with you guys that I've encountered in the past 8 months of blogging.  They're mostly amusing little tidbits that are completely unrelated to each other, hence the randomness of it all.

I'm sure this will be an ongoing series, as more blogging fun comes up.  :)

1. I love meeting other bloggers!

I went to Mimi G.'s conference last month, which was totally fun!  Not only did I meet Mo after she joined Stitch Once, Rip Twice, I met a few other sewists who have since joined our little group.  Yay!

In October, I'll be going to the SoCal Social, and I'd love to know if any of you guys will be there!  It's basically in my backyard and it sounds like a fun, stress-free day of shopping, eating, and meeting great people and bloggers.  Perfect!

2. I'm more aware about clothes than I used to be before sewing, especially the awful pieces.

Not to say that I was a slob before or that I'm super-fashionable now!  Since learning how to sew, I tend to peruse the internet for inspiration instead of actually intending to buy clothing.  Sometimes, that means that I encounter pretty weird garments since expanding my fashion horizons.

-Collage (Man Skirt)

This it drives me crazy in every way possible.  This is a MAN'S item and it costs $300 on sale.  Why?

3. People land on my page in the strangest ways.

I've compiled a strange list of search terms that have led to my page.  What does that mean?  I like to take a peek at the Google searches that get people to click on my page.  Every so once in a while, I notice an odd search phrase that directs a click my way.  Let's see what that looks like!

Vintage Yogurt 2

Well, that looks pretty normal...except...  Vintage yogurt?  What is that?!?!

1. Vintage Yogurt

I like vintage and I like yogurt, but the yogurt I buy has to be pretty new for me to consider eating it.  :)

Here are 9 more of these funny search terms:

2. Diane crocheted

I only have one crochet project on here, but they still found their way here.  My problem with this term is that they weren't specific at all.  What did Diane crochet that you were searching for?  I want to know!

3. Flip and Fold Shown on Vintage Zest

Man!  That was really specific!  I hope they found my DIY laundry folder post which didn't mention the Flip and Fold, but it was definitely the inspiration.  :)

4. can you zest a raspberry

Um, I'm pretty sure no.  Citrus fruits and whole spices like nutmeg and cinnamon are all that I've ever zested.  You probably got here from the raspberry coconut macaroons that I made, so that would not have been any help.  Also, why did you need to know this?

5. ironrite mangle

I was a little startled by this search term until I remembered seeing one of these at the swap meet.  I guess someone wants to iron their clothes the old-fashioned way and has a huge laundry room at home.  :)

6. green lace and stuff

Unlike Google-r number 2, this person got a little big lazy while searching and ended up at this post or this post of my green lace dress.  I'm not sure what "stuff" you were looking for, but I had the green lace you wanted to see!

7. Coolest 2013 peplum

Why thanks!  I'm not sure if the coolest 2013 peplum that this Google-r found was the black & white top or the peplum pencil skirt that I made.  Did I win?  In any case, like the Oscars, it's an honor just to be nominated clicked on.  :)

8. how to sow a packing cube

It's pretty common for people to want to sew my packing cubes, but since it was misspelled, it totally tickled my funny bone.  Either that, or the searcher wanted to plant and harvest a packing cube.  I'm no gardener, sorry!

9. boyfriend printable planner

Huh?  I can't even figure out what you were looking for.  Planning to print a boyfriend?  A printable planner specifically for a boyfriend?  Well, my blog calendar printable was the best you could find here...

10. vinal decalsfor fish tanks

Two misspellings in one!  Yes, I had a vinyl decal on my mom's aquarium posted, but none for sale.  I hope you found one.  :)  Not to be catty, but next time use spell check because you'll definitely find more real hits that way!


Well, that's it for now!  I hope the funny search phrases keep coming because I always get a kick out of  them.  :)


  1. I always get a kick out of the search terms! There are some random ones that really leave me scratching my head! And I wish I was still in SoCal so I could go to that social! I want to meet other bloggers in real life! =)

  2. I wonder if there is a social event like that in the east bay. It was great meeting you and making a new blogger friend. :-) P.S. that man skirt is totally weird.

  3. I know! Maybe it's time to schedule a trip to see the family that weekend? :)

  4. I'm sure there is!

    And can you believe you much they were selling it for?!?!

  5. That was the second weird thing about it.


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