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Weekly Wrap-Up: Inspiration galore!

Now that the graduations, birthday parties, and national holidays are over, my weekends are just a little bit less packed.  However, we still have lots of invitations and my weekdays are still crazy too!  Here we go with another weekly wrap-up.  :)



This is probably the least exciting lead-in picture ever, but I'm over the moon about my new running shoes!  I have a knee problem that surfaced several months ago, which kept me from running during my gym workouts.  Definitely a bummer...

Well, it's been healing for a while now, so I went to the running store to have my gait analyzed.  The barefoot shoes that I started using before my knee problems surfaced were completely wrong for me!  Actually, I had put 2 and 2 together after realizing that I couldn't even do normal activities in those shoes even after breaking them in.  Also, the knee problems really only showed up once I started using them.  Hmmm...  Waste of money for me.  :(

I probably should have taken a picture of the shoes, but I was just ready to lace them up and run out of the store!


I actually had a really late meeting again, so I had to skip dinner with my guy and his friends.  Instead, I opted to meet up later with the group at Little Sparrow for dessert and drinks.  It was a really great menu and the cocktails were really inventive!

Delicious rosemary madeleines!  I didn't get a picture of the delish crepe cake.  :(
Spiced nuts for my guy.  :)


We had a packed day of errands with my mom and sister, so we headed to the OC Mart to find a restaurant for an early lunch.  First, we couldn't help but stop at one of our favorite inspiring furniture stores.  I included a collage of just a few fun things, but there were SO many amazing items to inspire me!

-Collage (OC Mart Mix)

At first, we were going to head to The Iron Press for some food, but we stopped at ARC food & libations just next door.  I'm so glad that we headed in because it was amazing!

Take a look at the wedge salad below.  It was enormous and served in a huge platter with sizzling thick-cut bacon on the side.  Delish!

-Collage 1 (ARC Food & Libations)

We also ordered a meatball sub, a casserole (of chicken, broccoli, and cheddar), and a steak sandwich.  Don't you love that they serve the items in cast iron skillets, on tree stump platters, and in glass medicine bottles?  So rustic and pretty.  :)

-Collage 2 (ARC Food & Libations)

My sister needed a few items from IKEA, so we accompanied her.  I bought two more of the white boxes that I use in my closet for a few of my sewing notions.  Exciting, right?  Well, not really, but I did like looking through some of their items for possible future projects.  Milk jug anyone?

-Collage (IKEA)

Afterwards, we headed home to rest up before meeting some friends in L.A. for dinner and fun afterwards!  I wanted to go to Seoul Sausage, so we did just that!  We ordered the KFC, flaming balls, poutine, and beef galbi sausage.  Our two most favorite items were the KFC and poutine, and ironically enough the flaming balls and sausage that they were famous for on The Great Food Truck Race were our least favorites.  Go figure!

-Collage (Seoul Sausage)

We walked across the street so my guy's friend could try Beard Papa's, a place that sells fresh cream puffs!  I suggested that he try it because it is a definite experience.  First you choose your shell and then your filling flavor.  Then, you get to see them fill your puff right there on the spot!  He chose an original puff with chocolate cream.  I had a nibble, which was really great!


For my dessert, I wanted to go to Blockhead's Shavery, which I had read about a while back.  As you know, I am addicted to sweets and the shaved snow at Class 302 is exactly what they serve here.  I'm glad we didn't have to stand in such a long line and that it wasn't freezing outside because it was just okay compared to Class 302.  Although the snow's taste is creamier, the texture isn't as good.


Here is our creation with red bean, boba, lychee, rice cake, and condensed milk.  It's also more expensive than my local store.

Afterwards, we decided to hit the Japanese outlet store to walk off all of our food.  I saw this "Lame Pen Case" and a TON of other funny items.  My guy and his friend bough these ice cube trays that make enormous sphere and diamond ice cubes for scotch.  They're definite scotch nerds!

Later that night, we waited in a line for about an hour and a half for The Bungalow in Santa Monica.  I have never waited in line for a club before, but we were celebrating an engagement and there was no other way to get in with so many people.  No biggie because we chatted the entire time.  Somehow we snagged this huge table, which was pretty awesome!

-Collage (The Bungalow)


We didn't do much on Sunday, but I did make some quick French toast with fruit for breakfast.  Nothing fancy, but it sure was yummy!


I did my best to stay good this week, but I couldn't help but accept an invitation to go out for dinner. We headed to the local BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse to have some deep dish pizza.  I must say that I haven't been here in forever, and I was a little disappointed at the quality of the pizza.  They used to serve it in the pan and it used to be much more doughy, but it seemed overcooked this time.

However, the Pizookie is just as I remember it even if we shared just a mini one.  :)

-Collage (BJ's Pizza)

On the way back, I snapped a picture of my favorite indie store's window.  Remember when I took a picture last month?  Well this month's theme was travel.  Love it!  By the way, it's called Blue Windows if you ever want to visit.  :)  Also, I didn't notice that the orange skirt they used (it's below as well), looks really similar to my orange maxi dress!

Well, I know that I have some fun plans this weekend with friends coming up, but hopefully I have some time to sew!  I'm itching to start in on the challenge, so I'm crossing my fingers that we won't be super busy.  :)

Anything exciting planned for you?


  1. You are a busy lady!! I thought I did lots of running around between work and sewing/crafts. :-) Lucky you for all of the good eats you've had.

  2. I try to maximize my time, but sometimes I end up running myself ragged. I can't wait to sleep in this weekend!

  3. I hope you get that sleep. :-)


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