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Sew My Stash Pledge!

This post is up a little late because although I have been thinking about this for a while, I was really nervous to put my thoughts into words that the public can see!

I decided that I have to stick to my guns and not buy fabric for all of 2014.

*Crickets chirping*

So how can I be a sewing blogger without fabric?  Well, believe me, I have that covered.  I have a HUGE fabric stash, and I have only been sewing for just over a year.  I REALLY do not want it to get out of control, so I have been thinking about the decision to commit to sewing my stash.  Now it's in the blogosphere for all to see, and I can't take it back.  Eek!

How do I plan to actually get projects done then?  Well, I cataloged and organized my entire stash a few months ago in this post of my entire fabric stash.  That included a TON of folding perfect fabric bundles, using this method.  Now it will be infinitely easier to find fabrics that fit the project that I want to work on!

I have caught myself a few times thinking about heading to the fabric store for inspiration.  But why do that when I practically have a store's worth of fabric in my bins?  I actually need to sew the stash I already own!

So here is my pledge for 2014...  I hope!

  • For any of my own projects in 2014, I pledge to use my fabric stash as the major source of fabrics.
    • I can also refashion items that I already own, as I mentioned in my Blogiversary post under "Refashioning Challenge."
  • I will not buy new patterns.
  • I will not buy new notions, even buttons, on a whim.  :(

Now, I did think of some situations that may come up, and I will allow these exceptions.
  • I can buy a piece of fabric ONLY if needed to complete a project, such as a lining fabric or contrast (like the leather in my Mad About Plaid challenge project).  I promise to buy only the amount needed to finish the project.
  • I can buy a notion ONLY if:
    1. My current sewing project needs it.
    2. I do not own it.
    3. I will use it immediately.
  • If I am making a gift for another person, I will attempt to use my current fabric stash.  Only if necessary, I can buy fabric but only the amount needed for the gift.
  • I can accept gifts of fabric, because saying no would just be rude!  Don't worry, I won't use this as a loophole.  :)

By no means do I think this will be easy.  In fact, I just found out about the Albion Sewalong, so it might be hard to stick with this, right off the bat!

Now, it's time to get Paisley working on some of these projects, right?  I'm going to update My Big Fat Sewing To-Do List soon, so I can plan out my next couple of garments.  Yay!

So, if you want to take the pledge, I would love to have some buddies along for the ride.  :)  Also, take my Sewing in Modern Times Pledge, if you haven't done it already!

So what do you think?  Is it doable?  Or do you think this is just a "shoot for the moon, land in the stars" kind of deal?


  1. I really like this idea. I was 'gifted' or maybe I should say I rescused 12 tomato boxes (that you see in farmers markets) full of fabric. There is so much there it's a bit overwhelming. I really need to work through it all.

    Thanks for the inspiration, I can't wait to see what you do with it all.

  2. I'm with you on this. I have so much fabric plus two bags worth that I haven't organized. Oh, and I forgot about the pile of fabric I have on my ironing board right now! It will definitely be hard though--I just picked up some fabulous ponte knit at Hobby Lobby last weekend because it was on super clearance. I just can't help myself!

  3. I didn't buy fabric for a year and it really helped me get control of my stash. I now only buy fabric I need for a project at a time and am catching up on unfinished projects. I still have a large stash that I am using. :)

  4. Oh my! It's definitely a gift but sometimes a curse to have so many great fabric stores available. :)

  5. I can't even attempt to understand how you can work in a fabric store and not bring something home every day! :)

  6. Yes, it can be done! Hopefully I can say the same thing a year from now. :)

  7. I bring home stuff too often. :P
    not every day though. Then I wouldn't get paid, hehe.

  8. I am in the same boat with my fabric but I don't think I could make this pledge! I really should but it's sooooo hard. I really admire you! Good luck!!!

  9. I have way more fabric than time these days. Ironically, I think I would sew more, if my sewing room was less overwhelming. Good luck! Sewing down the stash is a good feeling; I did a similar challenge several years ago.

  10. I need to start using my stash also.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

  11. Wow, good luck. I love the fact that you have thought the rules through so thoroughly! I tried something similar one year with papers as I do a lot of papercrafts and that was great - didn't buy a thing all year except glue. I'll be interested to see how it goes!

  12. Thanks! Getting pumped up for the challenge after all the positive encouragement. :)

  13. Me too! Hopefully this time next year I will have lots of pretty things and a smaller stash. I know it will take forever before I can sew it all up!

  14. Great idea. It's so satisfying to use things up. Good luck!

  15. Love this challenge. Probably one I need to make myself.

  16. Well, check back in a year to see if I'm happy or tearing my hair out! Maybe I'll give an update 6 months in. :)

  17. Sounds like quite a challenge! I'm not a sewer, but I love fabrics and different patterns, so I can only imagine how difficult that must be for you! I bet you can do it, though, and think of all the great things you can make with all the fabric you already have! :) Visiting from the Best of the Weekend linky party. Hope you have a great weekend and good luck!

    Ashlyn @

  18. Thanks for visiting and wishing me luck. :) I'll need it!

  19. Good Luck with your goal!!
    Thanks for sharing at the HomeAcre Hop

  20. Good luck! I tried this with my yarn stash, and I still bought more yarn. I can't help it!!!!! lol

  21. Ha! I secretly have a yarn stash too...shhh...don't tell...


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