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Mad About Plaid Challenge Plans!

This weekend, I spent Saturday with a friend and not only did we made some delicious handpies, she helped me to figure out the design for my next sewing project.  I was a little iffy on whether or not I liked my existing ideas, and all I needed was a thumbs-up from her.  Yay!

So, here are my plans for our Mad About Plaid Challenge!

In our announcement post, I included a bunch of inspiration photos for us all.  For some reason, I forgot to include my favorite of the runway looks: Coats!  Shame on me because they really are cute, but I just went back to edit the post.  :)

I especially adore the first and third looks!

-Plaid Challenge Collage - Coats

For the fabric, I perused my entire fabric stash and only found a purple plaid flannel.  Not exactly what I was looking for...

Then, I remembered that I bought some clothing to refashion for $1 each from the swap meet.  Remember my Pink Portrait Blouse from the Refashioning Challenge?  That was one of my $1 finds and, lucky me, there was a plaid jacket in the box!


To incorporate another trend, I also bought some pleather on sale last weekend to mix with my jacket.  I'm thinking about using it for elbow patches and for the top half of the jacket, but I'm not sure if I will be able to Franken-pattern it very well.


I think it will match pretty well with the fabric, don't you?  Also, I'm thinking about repurposing the fake welt pocket and turning it into a real one.  That's a whole extra challenge though!


For the pattern, I did not have any similar designs to my inspiration in my complete sewing pattern collection.  I will most likely follow Butterick 5822,View D, but I anticipate a TON of changes.  Also, I'm nervous about making a jacket!

Now, you might be wondering why I don't just wear the jacket as is.  First of all, it is SUPER boxy.  See?


Also, you may not be able to tell, but it is a Size 14 and definitely too large for me!  It would require more than a little taking in.


There is a lining inside, which I may or may not repurpose.  By the way, here is the tag inside if you are interested. All kinds of synthetic fibers, which are not particularly my favorite, but itchy wool jackets aren't fun either...


Anyways, those are my plans for the challenge so far.  Fingers crossed that my plans can actually be carried out!

What do you think?  Does anyone else have plans to share?


  1. Definitely elbow patches and maybe pocket flaps and collar?

  2. Yes!! Love your idea! I went through my stash for the plaid challenge, and all I found was less than a half yard oddly shaped piece of purple flannel. Sp o made some doll clothes with it...but now I want to run to the store and buy some nice plaid flannel! Your inspiration picks make me crave a fall tunic! I still have pleather left over from my nieces Sunki dress, so it may end up with some leather accents too. (Sorry to copy!) that's if I ever get around to the fabric store, lol!

  3. There's nothing I love most for this season than plaid and houndstooth prints!

  4. Yes! I wanted to do pocket flaps for sure. :) I'll see how it goes with the piecing. I'm so nervous!!!

  5. Ha! I think plaid and leather is such a great combination that Mo has several looks on her blog with it too! I wasn't overly excited with the plaid at first, but now I'm happy we chose it. Definitely cute inspiration out there!

  6. Yes! I'm a huge houndstooth lover, but until I started looking up inspiration for this challenge, I didn't adore plaid. Now, I TOTALLY see how cute it can be!

  7. I was pretty sure I already left a comment but... there isn't -sgunt-!
    I think that transform your Glen Plaid (we call it Galles Prince, here!) jacket into a coa (great pattern!) will be a nice Challenge, can't wait to see it! I would make the contrasting shoulder piece on faux leather and I would omit elbow patches (not that in style with the coat, IMHO...)
    MammaNene @


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