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Weekly Wrap-Up: Firsts & 2014!

Here's to the first weekly wrap-up of 2014!

Saturday (12/28)

I had something interesting to do today...  my first try at acupuncture!  My sister made us an appointment at this place she goes to in Santa Monica, and it was interesting.  :)  No pictures, in case you were wondering!

Then, we all headed to Picca for a delicious dinner.  Here are just a few tantalizing pictures, but you can see the rest on The Episodic Eater, my food blog.  :)

Anticucho Tomatoes topped with burrata and black mint pesto.  So delicious!

Crispy Quinoa Ensalada.  Another favorite!

 photo Picca7_zps55023960.jpg

Chocolate Pot de Creme with Spicy Peppers.  Beautiful, but there were two more desserts that knocked my socks off even more!

 photo Picca19_zps5a6a1223.jpg

We also had the Pisco Sour, Ceviche Criollo, Ceviche Crocante, Tuna & Nato Crostini, Maitake Mushroom, Papa Rellena, Pato de Seco, Chicharron De Pollo, Bisteck a lo Pobre, Churros, Tres Leches Cake, and the Vanilla Bean Pisco Flan.  Sooo many delicious dishes!  :)  Check it out here.

Sunday (12/29)

Pretty much, we stayed at home and there was football watching, baking, and recuperating from Christmas festivities.  :)

Later on that night, my guy decided to break open his Mojito molecular gastronomy kit (like the one I received on Christmas) and he made mint caviar!

 photo Mojito1_zpsf96d8842.jpg

Here are our mojitos.  Fancy, right?  Next time, we're going to try one of the other preparations.  Fancy!

 photo Mojito2_zps14a6b492.jpg

Monday (12/30)

Back to work for a short week, and I bought myself a belated holiday present.  :)  Michelle Patterns had a sale on her two sets of retired patterns here and here.  Oh no... 21 more patterns to add to the list...

Tuesday (12/31)

Last day of 2013, and we had fun!  :)

Wednesday (1/1/14)

Technically, I was awake until 7 am and I got sooo much done before getting to bed!  I put away a MASSIVE pile of clean laundry that had been building up for about a month, cleaned up all of the leftover Christmas stuff around the house, and tidied up before hitting the hay.  Then, I woke up just before noon (eep!) to log some work hours, write a couple of blog posts, and watched the Rose Parade.  Eventful day!

Here's to a Happy 2014 to all you!


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