Weekly Wrap-Up: Pastry Overload! ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

Weekly Wrap-Up: Pastry Overload!

I must say that for the last couple of weeks, it has been pretty quiet on the food front.  It is mostly because I have been cooking a lot at home and whipping up some pretty delicious recipes!  However, I'm back to my original form and there's more to add to my new blog!  Woo!


  • Activities: Estate sale, cooking hand pies!
  • Eats: Porto's Bakery, Gen Korean BBQ, Cream Pan


I had a yummy surprise waiting for me at home!  Mmm!  Read about these yummy pastries (and more) from Porto's Bakery right here!



I happened to see a sign for an estate sale and even though I knew that they would be around during the weekend, I decided to take a quick peek!  Is it strange that I love peeking through people's items?  I am doing it with appreciation for vintage items, so I like to think that I'm being respectful...

Anyways, I took only one picture before my phone died!  It's too bad because there was a BEAUTIFUL antique Singer sewing machine on a built-in desk with drawers that had been already sold for $90.  I did snap a pic of this funny little German board game!


I bought a couple of old Life magazines for my dad, two records for me, and a couple of wooden spools.  So cute!

I'm so glad that my record tote bag had just enough room to fit these two records.  I'm might just have to sew another one!


On Saturday, I got together with my London and Paris travel buddy!  She helped me figure out my plans for the Mad About Plaid challenge and then we did a lot of chatting about different crafting ideas.  :)

Lastly, we made some handpies!


I will have to perfect the recipe (and my crust-folding skills) a bit before I post it, but I totally loved them!  They were ALL eaten in less than a day.  Yep, that good!


I love Gen Korean BBQ!  I haven't been back since January, so it deserved its own post on The Episodic Eater here!  Click on over to see more yummy food pics.  :)


Afterwards, we went to pick up even more pastries!  Find out what I thought about Cream Pan plus about a gazillion more pictures of the pretty pastries, including my new favorite: Orange Chocolate.  Simple name, but sooo delicious!  Oh, and these are their amazing Strawberry Croissants below.  :)


Well, this weekend is our last wedding of the bunch!  I never mentioned that I wore my blue lace dress to the last one wedding.  :)  This time, I'm wearing the $10 Banana Republic off-the-shoulder dress that I mentioned in this post and the gold shoes I bought a couple of weeks ago (with help from Instagram)! At least I think so...  I'm so indecisive!  Aagh!

I'll update you next week.  ;)


  1. I LOVE Porto's AND Gen KBBQ! Lucky you! Gosh I miss California so much.

  2. Awww. Well you have Cupcake Collection and Jamaicaway! Pretty good substitutes, which I miss over here. :)


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