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Pretty Fabric Finds + Pencil Skirt Challenge Fabric!

After my tips for finding fabric at the swap meet, I promised to show you my haul.  Honestly, I was stalling for time so I could re-steal my man's camera after our trip.
(By the way, re-read the Ireland posts here and here to see all of the pictures I took on his camera.)

Are you all ready for some pretty fabrics?

By the way, I already folded the fabric prior to taking the photographs (using this method), so I had finagle the fabric bundles to show the drape without completely unfolding them.

Also, I don't have a great fabric vocabulary, so here's my attempt to characterize each of these.  By the way, whenever I have a price listed at <$1/yard, it's because I got a deal on a fabric that was regularly priced at $1/yard, but I'm too lazy to calculate.  :)

1. Red & White Striped Jersey (5 yards, <$1/yard)
2. Red Linen (2 yards, <$1/yard)
3. Pink Crepe (3 yards, <$1/yard)
4. Red, Pink, and White Floral Crepe (about 2 yards, <$1/yard)

I don't have any specific plans for any of these, but here are my thoughts!

Fabric 1: I'm thinking about a maxi dress like the one I sewed here, but I'm a bit worried that I'll look like a circus tent!

Fabric 2: It would be perfect for a skirt, but since I already have a red skirt, I might make it a cropped jacket.

Fabric 3: It will probably be a dress because it's so flowy, but there is no pattern picked out yet.  It could easily be a cute top too!

Fabric 4: I may use the Colette Chantilly, but I'll have to check that I have enough yardage.

5. Red & White Polkadot Crepe (3 yards, <$1/yard)
6. Gray & Yellow Striped Crepe (3 yards, <$1/yard)
7. Yellow Linen (about 2 yards, <$1/yard)
8. Navy Cotton with Eyelet/Lace Border (3 yards, <$1/yard)

Fabric 5: No plans yet, but it could be any vintage-style pattern.  Maybe the Sultry Sheath or Tiki Dress from Gertie's book?  I haven't used it yet!

Fabric 6: I love the pattern for the maxi dress so much, that this fabric is DEFINITELY headed that way too...

Fabric 7: It photographed terribly, so I took another picture below.  It's going to be used for the Pencil Skirt Challenge!

Fabric 8: It has a lovely border print, that's begging to be used on another Colette pattern.  Maybe the Hazel or the Eclair?  I have both in my collection.  :)

Here's Fabric #7 again.

See!  I told you it was a nice, sunny yellow.  :)

I think it'll be perfect for my pencil skirt, once it's ironed...

9. Burnt Orange Lycra Jersey (2.5 yards, <$1/yard)
10. Gold Lycra Jersey (2.5 yards, <$1/yard)

Fabric 9 & 10: I plan on using them together in a maxi dress, with a twist detail in the front.  I'm not even sure if a pattern like that exists.  Anyone know of any?  If not, I have a few spare yards to do some improvising!

And yes, I bought some patterns at Joann's with the $1 sale going on.  In fact, there are a couple of patterns that I might have to dig into right away.  I'm loving the dresses for summer!

Any ideas for patterns or corrections on my attempts to name these fabrics?


  1. It is pretty hard not to take everything home, when you've been around all the lovely fabric all day, haha.. :)
    But I guess you get used to not to take everything home (after a while) :)

  2. I would be sooo bad if I worked in a fabric store! I have no willpower when it comes to pretty things. :)

  3. You've got lovely fabrics! :) And they're really cheap, huh!

    Fortunately I work in a fabric shop, and get some discount. Yay - but it can be dangerous, because I buy too much fabric, hehe. :P

    And it IS a really pretty maxi dress!
    I might be able to wear one in the future... I'm sort of on a diet now, so hopefully I'll get smaller. :P
    Happy Wednesday!

  4. I love a good deal on fabric!!


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