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Weekly Wrap-Up!

Honestly, I'm looking at these weekly wrap-ups, and they're definitely an homage to my stomach.  Oops!

Then again, one of the reasons I started the blog was to share my food adventures with one of my friends from home.  :)  Sorry to all of you out there who haven't eaten yet!

By the way, this article is funny!  I think of my food pictures like travel photographs.  Just a reminder of something fun and sometimes pretty!

Precap: Roots Gourmet, Phuket Thai, Naples Rib Company, Bouchon


First, I went to get a much needed haircut.  On the way there, I picked up some pastries from a nearby cafe called Roots Gourmet.  I couldn't turn down the raisin roll, like the ones I was addicted to in Paris.  For some real sustenance, I picked up a kale & spinach pocket with tzatziki.  Yum!

I was excited to try out chia pudding for the first time for a snack afterwards.  I saw an article ages ago in a food magazine, and I already love healthy ingredients.  I thought that it would be similar to quinoa, but I was sooo disappointed.  :(  Maybe I should have ordered their awesome skirt steak sandwich instead!


I still hadn't cooked anything (lazy me!), so I accepted an invitation to have some dinner out at a Thai Restaurant (one of my favorite kinds of food!), called Phuket Thai.

We ordered the Beef Satay, Spring Rolls, and Mee Krob to start.  Once the food came, I forgot to take pictures.  Oops!  We did have some delish Pad Kee Mao and Green Curry.  Spicy!


The weekend arrived!  The whole family was around, so we went to a dinner at Naples Rib Company.  There can't be a photo collage for this one, because there's so much food, it can't possibly be smushed into a small space!

I'm very picky about my cornbread, and this one passes the test.  :)

The appetizer platter, with a 1/4 portion of the famous onion brick!

The amazing beef ribs.  They are huge!  Three of us ordered it, and we could only each eat 2 of the 4 ribs.  Lunch for the next day!

I mean, look at our crazy full table.  :)


It was a time to celebrate my dad's birthday (again!) since the whole family was around.  Wine at home, and everyone was happy.  :)


Yes, we're a foodie family.  So what better place to have a Mother's Day brunch than at Bouchon?

This is a lovely garden just outside the restaurant.

The Montage Hotel is just across the way, which I think is such a pretty building.  :)

For an "appetizer," I ordered a Kouign-amann.  Yes, I did spell that right, for people who are confused.  It was heavenly!  I've had the pastry before, which is almost like a croissant with caramelized sugar on top, and it is really amazing here.  :)

My sister's guy guy got the Short Rib Hash, which I ordered last year.  It's great, so I had to show it off.  :)

I ordered the Shrimp & Grits, although I almost got the Chicken & Waffles.  It sounded really great, but I couldn't have the bacon & chive waffle.  :(  Decision made!

It's just as well because the shrimp was perfect!  Also, I wasn't too full for the dessert that we ordered: Blueberry & Strawberry Beignets!

Monday & Tuesday

After a lot of time in the sun on Sunday (how apropos!), I was feeling under the weather.  Boo!

I did start eating a lot healthier (see!), so hopefully a bit more nutrition will help me fight this faster!

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  1. All that food is just plain cruel. Looks divine and I want to eat it all! Love your blog! Found you through the link up. Following you. Follow me back at www.nightchayde.blogspot.com


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