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Why a Waistband Matters: Gray & Yellow Maxi Dress - Round 2!

It's Tuesday, which means that it's time for a sewing post!  Yes, I am sandwiching this between a ton of Thanksgiving posts, but I want to make sure that all of my sewing buddies out there know that I am still doing the occasional project!

This is not a new garment (womp, womp) but it is definitely an improvement on one that I made before!  Remember from this post how I was disappointed at how the dress made me look pregnant?  Well, I took mimi g's advice (from when I attended her conference) and put it in the waistband that I was reluctant to add.  I am sooo glad I did!

Keep in mind this is the same dress with only the addition of a waistband.  Otherwise, this is the same bodice, same skirt, same dress form, and (almost) same angle.  Seriously, check out the difference.  :)

Remember, this is a wearable muslin that I intended to make using the Simplicity 2219 for the first time hence the so-so bodice fabric.  I do love how it fits like a glove everywhere now that I have added the waistband, except for the shirring on the side panels.

By the way, the waistband piece that I added was from the same pattern I used in orange maxi dress.  It was a perfect match!

Gray & Yellow Maxi 3

So once again, here are the before and after pictures.  Why should the addition of a relatively small strip of fabric make such a huge change?
I am no expert, but for women who have a significant difference between their bust and waist measurements, an empire dress would not emphasize smallness of the waist.  In fact, it did the opposite in my case and made me look pregnant!

Gray & Yellow Maxi 4

This was a learning experience for me because I never thought I had a small waist or large chest.  I thought this might be even more flattering because it would hide my larger waist.  Wrong!  Seeing what a difference this made plus looking realistically at my measurements makes me realize that I have to define my waist or else I end up with a waist measurement the same as my bust and there's no way I have a 36" waist!

I should have realized this before, especially because I constantly belt everything.  Remember my huge belt collection?  Duh!

By the way, I hemmed it after taking the picture above since Lily is my only help when I need to hem a garment!

Also, I do realize that the different fabric choices for the top vs. skirt completely influences how your eye sees the dress, but the waistband addition is still a significant difference nonetheless.

My question to you: Was this something completely obvious to everyone else or did I help anyone out with this revelation?  Let me know!


  1. Wow! That really made a huge difference! It look like such a flattering dress now.

  2. Wow! It made a huge difference! It looks great!

  3. Thanks! I actually want to wear it now, whereas before I thought it would be a future maternity dress. :)

  4. Such a difference! I've always like the way a maxi dress feels on my but being short and "curvy" I've never liked the way they look, so I always belt them also. This is a great solution, thanks for sharing :)

  5. I hear ya girl. Short & curvy is me all the way. A belt makes all the difference in the world, so when it looked weird on this dress I was disappointed. Luckily, I could sew one in!

  6. Wow! I don't sew, but I am a little bit addicted to maxi's. lol I wear them all summer. I'm amazed by the difference to the overall look and fit of the dress that adding the waistband and shirring makes! (and I love that skirt fabric too!)

  7. I was totally anti-maxi until this summer. Now I love them too, but only if they have a waistband or belted!

  8. Such a cute dress! That is quite a difference. I am glad you could make it work!

  9. What an amazing difference. Thanks so much for sharing with Wednesday's Adorned Link Party. Have a great Thanksgiving.

    Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above



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