Weekly Wrap-Up: Lobster Roll Rumble, Taco Maria & more! ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

Weekly Wrap-Up: Lobster Roll Rumble, Taco Maria & more!

This week, I did a bunch of really fun things so check them all out!



For a special weeknight dinner, we went to MB Post!  It was the best dinner I have eaten in a long, long time.  Definitely one of my new favorites now!  Check it all out on The Episodic Eater here!


I was really excited to head to the Lobster Roll Rumble, which I bought tickets to ages beforehand.  It was ridiculously good!  We had ten lobster rolls, which completed to win our votes, so many great side dishes and desserts, and just lots of fun!  Here are a few teaser pictures, but you can see it all on The Episodic Eater here.

The beautiful space where the event was held.

 photo LobsterRollRumble27_zps7fece1a5.jpg

So many great desserts, including these mouth-watering, cream-filled doughnuts!

 photo LobsterRollRumble13_zpse2e3af42.jpg

Such a fantastic night!


I was a bit under the weather, but I held it together for a dinner with friends at Taco Maria.  See all twelve dishes we had on The Episodic Eater, including the amuse-bouche and kabocha squash tamale below, plus a wonderful hanger steak and arroz con pollo!

This definitely amused my bouche.  :)

 photo TacoMaria6_zpsfc9d2070.jpg
The beautiful and delicious tamale!


The grocery store Gelson's opened a new location near my parents' house, so my mom, sister, and I all went to check out the goodies!

 photo Gelsons1_zpsadbc5b84.jpg

Keep in mind, I'm not being paid to do this, but I just had to share a few thing that I thought were amazing, funny, or just plain new to me!

First of all, this is the largest prepared foods area that I have ever seen.  There are at least six different areas including a salad bar, carvery, hot foods, pizza area, prepared salads, sushi area, and more!

 photo Gelsons2_zps69a4c691.jpg

I love radishes, but I have never heard of a breakfast radish before.  How do you prepare these?

 photo Gelsons3_zps28228c9d.jpg

I was in love with this wild mushroom display!

 photo Gelsons4_zps8cec989b.jpg

Here is a closer look, which almost feels like a fairy garden, if you believe in fairies of course.  :)

 photo Gelsons6_zpsa6e3b2fa.jpg

These butter sculptures would be hilarious to serve at Thanksgiving, but it's not actually on my menu.  :)

 photo Gelsons7_zpsf2a5b035.jpg

Renaud's bakery, located at the front of the store, had so many beautiful cookies, cakes, pastries, and other desserts.  *Sigh*

 photo Gelsons8_zps652acc63.jpg

I could dive into that raspberry tart up on top.  On that Decadent cake underneath is aptly named, in my opinion.  :)

 photo Gelsons9_zps2b0314a8.jpg

Pain Aux Raisin!  I had not eaten one since Paris, so I was due.  :)

 photo Gelsons10_zpsf9091b2d.jpg

I had a delicate tuile cookie up on top, but even the sandies and the sables looked amazing as well!  I can pass on marzipan because it is not my favorite, but it certainly looks beautiful.

 photo Gelsons11_zps9c711fe7.jpg

All in all, I got some great opening week deals, along with a nice free bag and a moment atop their sunny rooftop dining area.  Yay!

 photo Gelsons12_zps88324196.jpg

Wow, I can't believe time is ticking down so fast for Thanksgiving and I'm definitely going to need to start emptying out the refrigerator.  That means no more fun trips to Gelson's until after the holiday... :(

Do you have anything fun planned this weekend?


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