Announcement: Patchwork Show in Long Beach - November 17th! ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

Announcement: Patchwork Show in Long Beach - November 17th!

*Update* Here is the wrap-up post!

I cannot believe it is time for another Patchwork Show in Long Beach!  For those of you new to the blog, I have been going for the past few years to enjoy all of the handmade goodies and food.  In May, I went to the show in Santa Ana, which I recapped quickly in this post.  By the way, they also have shows in Oakland and Phoenix, plus an edible edition in Costa Mesa for any of you in those cities!


This time, I decided that the show needed to be highlighted in a totally separate post.  I'm not being paid to say any of this or getting anything for promoting the event, but I just think it's so fun and amazing!  So you may be wondering, how awesome is it?

The first time I attended, I was a big food truck chaser and went to try all of the delicious trucks that I heard were attending.  Yum!  Add all of the amazing food from locally made artisans, and I was stuffed!  I was not yet a crafter or sewist and I became inspired to start sewing after YEARS of putting it off when I visited the Long Beach show two years ago.  I saw (and bought) so many lovely and things, that it occurred to me that I could try to take a sewing class and learn how to make simple items that I would love.  I can't wait to see all of the lovely things this year!  I already know that Justine will be there.  Fun!

I contacted Nicole and Delilah, who founded the show 8 years ago, to find out more about this weekend's event.  They were so nice to give me a ton of info and answer a few questions in a mini-interview!  By the way, they are the organizers of Craftcation and have their own blog Dear Handmade Life.  Busy gals!

For any newbies to Patchwork, what goods can I expect find?

Clothing for men, women & kids, handbags, accessories, jewelry, art, ceramics, garden finds, home goods, plushies, crochet & knit items, pet gear, kits & patterns, bath & body goodies and more!

What's new this year for the frequent fliers (like me)?

Patchwork Show will host largest Long Beach event to date!  170+ art, craft + artisan food vendors, restaurant pop-ups, food trucks, bike valet, on-site screen-printing with We Love Long Beach, sewing demos with the American Sewing Guild, kids DIY crafting booth with Macaroni Kid, two live music stages and a DIY gift wrapping booth.  We have had triple the amount of applications for all many are excited for the holiday season!!

Is there going to be some delish grub?  Duh, I already know the answer to this.  The new question is, which of our delicious food truck/artisan vendors are you looking forward to?

Baby's Badass Burgers
Piaggio Gourmet on Wheels
Tornado Potato
India Jones Chow truck
Cool Haus
Chili Philosopher
Zeigler's Sausages
Les Beaux Chocolats
Parchment Cookies
Sugar Beak Bakery
Orange Clementine
Raw Popsicles & Juice
Preservation Society
Le Bon Garcon
P.O.P. Candy Co.
The Kandy Jar
Pernicious Pickling Co.
3 Mom's Baking
San Angel Mole
Peppered Up Foods
LoveBites in LA
Raw food chef
Paradise Preserves
Southern Fried Vegan
Front Porch Pops
Beyond the Olive
Little Laos
Luxe Lollies

What should I bring?

Sunscreen, cash, a jacket (it's right on the water and gets chilly later in the day) + of course your friends and family!

Is it going to be awesome?

Of course!

Thanks ladies for taking time of out of your busy schedule to answer my borderline-fangirl questions.  :)

For even more information on any of the events and the gals, check out the Patchwork Show website.  I am so excited to see what's in store for this year!  I am studying their cute map to make sure I hit up all of the fun booths!

Anyways, if you are going to be there, let me know!  Leave a comment or tweet and we can do some shopping and eating together.  Yay!

If you can't come, I'll be doing a round-up post afterwards to show you guys some of the great food and handmade goodies.  Fun!


  1. We at The Kandy Jar are so excited to be a part of this event! Can't wait to see you all there.

  2. I didn't know that list was out already - I can't wait!

  3. Nice! I'll definitely visit your booth and include you in the round-up post!

  4. I guess it wasn't out yet, but the gals let me know some of the awesome food vendors that will be there! I don't know many of the craft vendors who will be there, so it will be a surprise to me too!

  5. How fun Diane! I am so bummed I missed this! It sounds like a fun day!

  6. It really was! I'm still pooped! The other fall show will be in Santa Ana on December 1st. It's slightly bigger and definitely fun for the whole family if you want to bring the kids along. Maybe SoCal Social reunion?

  7. Ohh maybe so! What is the fall show called? I might be able to get away with out the kiddos!

  8. It's also the Patchwork Show. The one in Santa Ana will be December 1st from 11 to 5:


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