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Weekly Wrap-Up!

This weekend was a fun one, with a couple of yummy meals and the Patchwork Festival, like I mentioned on Saturday.  Lots of things to share!

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There was lots of work to be done, so by the time I finished, it was really late!  Luckily, everyone was still out and I met them at Blackmarket Bakery.

Weekly Wrap-Up

Don't you love the light fixtures?  The whisk one is my fave.  :)

Then, we went to Taco Asylum for a little bit of food.  Or at least I thought it was going to be a little!  First, a steak & potato taco.

Weekly Wrap-Up

And nachos with potato chips for the table.  Mmm!!!

Weekly Wrap-Up


I planned to do some sewing, and I finally did!  I'll share soon.  :)

But first, we went to breakfast at Schooner or Later.  We hadn't been here before, even though it's relatively nearby.  It's been on the Food Network, and we ended up ordering all of the featured dishes: Crab & Avocado Benedict, the Belgian Waffle, "The Mess," and a couple of others too!

Weekly Wrap-Up


I went to the Patchwork Festival with my guy, where there was TONS of food, creative inspiration, and gifts.  We sampled lots of food, took lots of pictures, and I even bought a unique graduation gift!

Weekly Wrap-Up

It was held in downtown Santa Ana, on a pretty street with lots of awesome restaurants and shops.

Weekly Wrap-Up

I fell in love with these hanging terrariums right away!

Weekly Wrap-Up

Here are a few of the pictures I snapped: 1) Pretty coasters, 2) A crate of books (on photography & home sewing), 3) The awesome crowd, and 4) Jewelry displays.

Weekly Wrap-Up

I love this display of jams & jellies on a ladder!

Weekly Wrap-Up

Lastly, I LOVED this lady's wares.  The simple bottles drew me in.

Weekly Wrap-Up

I thought they resembled the Starbucks Frappuccino bottles, and then I found out that I was right!  Check out the blue teapot to the right in the picture below...

Weekly Wrap-Up

The body of the teapot is cast from a Jello mold, the spout and handle are from an old coffeepot, the elephant is a plastic child's toy, and the feet are cast from perfume bottles.  Stunning!

She uses ordinary items like cracker trays, plastic cups, and toys to make incredible molds!  It turns out that the candy dishes near the bottom of the picture were plastic trays from snack cake packaging.  I'm definitely in love with her items, and I'm going to purchase a few of them soon!

Weekly Wrap-Up


The reason that I'm up late with this post, is because of the dinner I had at Tavern last night with my family and some old family friends.  Unfortunately, photos by candlelight can only be enhanced so much.  :(

Weekly Wrap-Up

I didn't want to be the weirdo who was taking pictures all night, so I only have a few:

1) Soft shell crab with succotash
2) Crisp duck with a black rice and rhubarb pilaf
3) The "Snickers" bar
4) Five more desserts, including Cherry Pie in a glass, Strawberry Rhubarb Buckle, Lemon meringue tart, milk & cookies, and another one I forgot...

Anyways, this weekend I'm headed to Vegas and I'm anticipating being a good girl.  I swear!

Anyone else have any fun plans coming up?


  1. Yes, I definitely need a warning on posts with lots of foodie fun! :)

  2. Now I'm hungry :) But so worth it! That festival looks AMAZING! Love that we have the same style. Enjoyed the pics and inspiration! XO


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