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Garden Tour #2: Succulents!

Fall is upon us, and that means that the foliage will be changing.  And yes, the leaves do turn in California!  For me, the most exciting part of my mother's garden are her flowers and the vegetables she grows, which stop producing this time of year.  Remember, I shared a bit of her garden in this post with you?  I am encouraging her to grow squash this fall, but since she is not a squash-lover, I will not be receiving any of her extra crop.  :(  I totally understand because she has her hands full with all of the lovely succulents that she has to tend to year round.  By far, these are the plants that incite most of the "oohs" and "aahs" with guests.  This post is dedicated to the lovely succulents that she grows with a lot of work and care!

First of all, her backyard is paved so she does a lot of planting in pots.  I love her arrangements!

Succulent Garden 1

First, she buys bunches of succulents at the nursery and replants them into nicer looking pots.

Succulent Garden 2

When they start to outgrow their pots, she transplants the overflow into new ones, making arrangements with the different varieties along the way.

Succulent Garden 3

She will mix them with color, texture, and size, even in these larger pots!

Succulent Garden 4

She started to run out of space, so this old patio table became a spot to land the smaller pots of succulents, as well as some pepper and herb pots.  I particularly love the succulent that looks like grapes cascading.

Succulent Garden 5

She even replants them into tiny containers and situates them along the wall to hide some of the ugly machinery in the yard.  I think they look like messy versions of bonsai trees.  By the way, she has a couple of bonsai that I forgot to photograph!

Succulent Garden 6

Another trick of hers is to plant succulents in pots of large flowering plants or at the roots of the trees in her yard.  It makes everything look so much more lush, and it has not affected her other plants.

Succulent Garden 7

One tiny quirk is that she likes to do is hide little frogs in her garden.  She has a few around some of the large plants, but they even make appearances amongst her small succulent pots.

Succulent Garden 8

Anyways, these are easily my favorite part of my mom's garden this time of year and according to her, the easiest part to maintain!  She can barely keep up with her garden as it is, and her succulents grow ridiculously fast.  I told her that she can be my centerpiece designer when they time comes because she will certainly have enough plants, and I think her arrangements look professional!

Once again, I hope you enjoyed this little tour showcasing my mom's amazing succulent plants!


  1. These are beautiful! I am always looking for new ways to perk up my plants but I need something easy because I stink at plants! I'm a big planter person, I like the look of them and I live in Florida so it's not cold often and I have a lot more options! Thanks for sharing, I have added them to Pinterest....have to look into doing this!

  2. This is a lovely display of succulents. I think I will get busy and try out some of these. Wonderful pictures.

    Linda @ Tumbleweed Contessa

  3. Love them! Makes me want to start my own succulent garden!

  4. What a terrific green thumb your mother has!!! We love succulents too. Some of these are new to us. I'll have to do a bit of research. It must be lovely to tool around her yard. Thank you for sharing.
    Visiting from Let's Get Social Sunday. Following via Pinterest and Bloglovin'
    Barbara @

  5. I know! She's a great gardener and my sister has been good at learning from her. Me, not so much... I certainly enjoy looking at the fruits of her labor though!

  6. Beautiful! I love succulents -they have such interesting texture!

  7. I agree! There really is quite a variety too, which you don't notice until they're grouped up all together!

  8. You have so many different types of succulents, I love them all! They are so easy to grow, I really should try to spread mine out a bit more as I find all I need to do is stick them in some dirt and they'll start growing again! I especially like the trailing ones, they look really nice sitting on a ledge or wall.

  9. Beautiful! Quite inspiring! Much thanks to you & your Mom for your time & efforts to share

  10. I love succulents. They are so different from other plants. Your mother's are lovely. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Succulents are my favorite plants, and these are just breathtaking! I want some sooo bad, but since I can kill an air fern, I'm reluctant to buy any. This is a wonderful "share"- saw it on Call Me PMc! Thanks for letting us see them.

  12. I've always wanted to do something with these, but I have yet to figure out what! LOL

    Thanks again for joining the Link Up this week!

  13. I would be reluctant too, but my mom can hardly keep them from growing so fast! Then again, she has her magic way with plants. :) You're welcome!

  14. These are absolutely beautiful!! I've never tried my hand at "gardening". Thanks for sharing on Sunday FUNday!

  15. Woooooooooooow. I aspire to have a succulent garden this lush one day! This is gorgeous!!!


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