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Blog Business Cards & My New Domain Name!

Tomorrow, I am headed to the SoCal Social, and it will be my first blogging event ever!  It sounds like a fun time and not too intense.  Believe me, if it involved flights, hotels, conference schedules, etc. you could count me out.  This will be an afternoon shopping and getting to meet new friends!  Yay!

For that reason, and a couple of others, I decided to make some business cards for my blog!  I spied this post on how to make blog business cards, which I did not follow exactly, but it did help push me to get going.  Without further ado, my new business cards!

I designed them from scratch, and now that I have them in my hands, I will most likely make a few changes to the next batch.  However, I'm overall pretty pleased with them!

Out in the real world, when I mention that I have a blog, people are not sure what it involves.  Hence, I put together a mini project gallery on one side, along with my blog name.  It definitely gives a flavor of what I do on the blog!  I made this side glossy, which was a good choice.  Next time, I will most likely change up my projects to ones with better pictures.  Also, the badges need to be a little less transparent.

Blog Business Cards 2

On the other side, I put all of my contact information.  The biggest bummer is that the font is not the clearest and this picture makes it look worse.  At least they would be able to get to my site from the QR code, and the button on the left is definitely clear as to my website's name!  This side is not glossy so people can write a note to themselves, if need be.

Blog Business Cards 3

Overall, I am pleased with my custom cards and how professional they look for being so inexpensive!  The cardstock is nice and thick, definitely nicer than I expected for the price.  I did shop around to get the best deal for me, because I wanted it completely custom.  Also, I decided to get the corners rounded because although I love using my round corner punch, it was worth it to pay for the time and effort I would save.

Blog Business Cards 4

Lastly, you will notice that everything around here says instead of  I bought my own domain name!  It was a bit tougher than I expected to figure out which company I wanted to buy it through, but I am happy with the money that I spent.  It was something that I wasn't sure if I wanted to do, but so many of my friends and coworkers (outside the blogging community) thought that I should make the switch.

I made a deal with myselfthat I would only buy the domain name as long as one year of my Adsense ad profits would cover at least ten times the cost of a year of the domain name.  Well it got to that point a while ago, so I had no other excuses!


Now, I will be happy to hand over my card for Vintage Zest in the real world and have the recipients visit my new, fancy website!  Woo hoo!

Has anyone else out there made business cards of their own?  Any tips for my next batch?


  1. I am in the process of making business cards for our Etsy shop and playing around with different ideas. It's more difficult than I imagined! Yours are terrific! I love the custom feel and they are so eye-catching! Great job and congrats on your new domain! That was probably one of the best investments I ever made.

  2. Your business cards look great! Have fun at the social! Wish I was still in SoCal!

  3. It's definitely true about it being difficult! Good luck with yours. :)

  4. Thanks! I know, but maybe next year you need to plan a pre-Halloween trip. :)

  5. Your cards are ADORABLE! Professional, crafty, cute. I would say you hit the nail on the head. And you have a new Bloglovin' follower courtesy of the Let's Be Friends bloghop.

  6. These REALLY look awesome! Have a great time!

  7. I found you via the link up. Those are super cute! I especially like the way you designed all the ways that people can follow you.

  8. Great job on the business cards and congrats to getting your own domain name. :-)

  9. Ditto! I'm glad to know you made it home safely after seeing all of those colorful characters later on that night!

  10. Thanks! I realized that although I'm big on certain social media outlets, other people like different methods. Hopefully, you guys don't get TOO sick of me!

  11. Thanks! Now I'm ALMOST legit. ;)

  12. I actually decided today that I needed business cards of my own! I have some with my basic information, but I do so much networking with other sewers and knitters that I really need something to pass out. Yours look great and hopefully I'll have some soon!

  13. OhMGee! You are not even kidding!!

  14. I agree! Either I have a speech impediment or no one can understand me when I say "Vintage Zest," so this is just so much easier. :)


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