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Saturday Synopsis!

Right now I'm at Mimi G's conference.  Yaaaaaay!  I can't wait to share the details on Wednesday.

Maybe I'm wearing my peplum pencil skirt or my orange maxi dress...  So many options to choose from when you visit a sewing event.  We'll see!

Here are last week's posts in case you missed any.  :)

Saturday Synopsis!

Monday:  Tips for making your own vegetable broth.  Tons of fun!  ;)

Tuesday:  The "Accidental Bridesmaid" dress.  I can barely contain my excitement...

Wednesday:  Adventures around Southern California, including lots of food, of course!

Thursday:  Help me answer a couple of gardening questions!  Also, a mini tour of my mom's veggie and herb garden.

Friday:  Guest post on cooking seasonal summer fruit.  Looks like I have more ideas for all of those tomatoes!


  1. Hope you're enjoying yourself! Have a great weekend :)



  2. Watch out for Wednesday's post where I round it all up. I can't wait to share!


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