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Sewing Rewind: Fail Edition!

Now, why would I bother show you guys all of my fails?  Well, like I said in my Sewing Rewind: Works in Progress post, I wanted to show absolutely every one of my past projects, even if they ended up terribly.

In this post:

Boxy Quilted Pouch for my cousin

I had just learned how to make a zippered pouch, and I was interested in trying out a pattern for a boxy quilted pouch.  I was excited to tell my cousin about my new sewing hobby, and she said, "Make me something!"

Well, I didn't know how to tell her that it's hard to make something on demand without the appropriate supplies, so I decided to make it anyways.

I didn't have my DIY ironing board yet, so I was still cutting on the floor.  Disaster!

I quilted it wrong sides together, and it was so tiny in the end.  Probably just big enough for a few tissues or coins.  Oh well!

Black & Blue Top

From afar, this doesn't seem like a terrible top, but remember that the devil is in the details!

This was such a shifty fabric, that it was super difficult to cut.  The pattern pieces somehow were probably off, and then I made the mistake of trying to fix the pattern to what I thought would work best.  I ended making more of a mess, with a lot of puckering in the back.

I also didn't have the the most even pleats, since this was before I had my Chakoner.  Oh well...

I'm willing to give this pattern another try, first with easier fabrics to work with.  Armed with my trusty Chakoner, I'm going to give it a go!  I just love the flutter sleeves!

I may even salvage this fabric, because the top piece ended up so pretty.  It's on a long list of intended repairs!


I was in love with the Karinska tulle skirt from Anthropologie, and I thought that I could easily make my own with some $0.69/yard tulle.

However, I couldn't find a great tutorial on how to make a similar one.  Everything resembled a tutu or was made for a child.  Here are my ridiculous results!

I would only wear this for a Halloween costume because it's just so poofy!

However, I still might not do so because I constructed this as a wrap around skirt with a ribbon tie, and there is a tiny gap when tied.  Poor design Diane!

Also, I realize that I probably shouldn't have left all of my gathering stitches, or used a thicker ribbon for the waistband.  Oops!

Fleece Wrap

Now, this isn't exactly a fail, but there is one reason that it's in the fail category.  I initially made this with the intention of having a warm fleece wrap to go with my Christmas Dress.  However, it was way too cold and I ended up making my "Fur" Cape instead!

It's not too bad looking, but it definitely wouldn't keep me very warm during the winter.  Maybe during this spring season it will come in handy!

Phone Case: Attempt #1

Remember a few weeks ago I shared a sewing rewind which included a phone case for my guy?

Well, the truth is that I totally messed up the first time.

It was obviously too thin and actually a bit too long.  It took some remeasuring, but it was pretty snug in the end as you remember.  So why did I do with the first version?  I gave it to my mom for her glasses!

Perfect!  Fail (almost) averted!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed some of these fails.  In my case, I can't help but cringe and laugh at the same time at how terrible they've ended up.

Do you have any fail projects that you've been able to repurpose?  Or are they taking up room in a closet (or landfill)!


  1. The slippery fabric brings me back to when I was trying to make a dress for my son's wedding. I bought some fabric from France that, even on mark-down from a store going out of business, was ridiculously expensive. And it slid and slid. The finished produce was forgiving, and I hope I was the only one who realized just what a mess it was! I still cringe when I look at those wedding pictures!

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    1. I'm glad you got a chuckle out of it. :) I found a tutorial that I like waaay better instead of the just ok one that I adapted to my petite stature. :)


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