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Saturday Synopsis!

This time next week, I'll be back home because this is my last full day abroad!  I am definitely looking forward to my own bed and catching up with my DVR.  I know, I know.  Poor me, I get to gallivant abroad in pretty castles.  :)

Saturday Synopsis!

Monday: Yogurt & fruit cup "recipe."  It can't really be called a recipe, but it's my favorite mid-morning snack at home!

Tuesday:  It's been one year to the day that I learned how to sew!  I wrote a little sewing machine & car analogy just to prove my guy wrong!  :P

Wednesday:  Travel Diaries: Bruges.  This was my guy's favorite city.  Find out why!

Thursday:  Travel Diaries: Brussels.  More chocolate, waffles, and beer.  I'm feeling very Homer Simpson right now, just throw in a couple of donuts and the transformation would be complete!

Friday: Travel Diaries: Ireland - Part 1.  Our journey down into the South of Ireland, with castles and beautiful scenery galore!


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