Saturday Synopsis + Blog Update Contest ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

Saturday Synopsis + Blog Update Contest

It's yet another Saturday synopsis, where I round up my week of posts.  Welcome to all my new readers, it's lovely to see you!  :)


Saturday Synopsis!

Monday: Super easy and relatively healthy banana muffins for when you're feeling lazy...  No one needs to know, except you and your blender!

Tuesday:  Sewing rewind: Gifts edition!  Answer:  Pouches, a wine bag, clothing, a phone case, a monogram taggie, and a goggles case.  The question is: What is the list of gifts Diane sewed for her friends and family, Alex?  Correct!

Wednesday:  Weekly Wrap-up: Besides Vegas, not a ton to report this week.  Just the way I like it!

Thursday:  A vinyl aquarium decal made for the turtles' tank.  So cute and so easy!

Friday: My very first tutorial and first giveaway too!  Easily my most used item because sunglasses are important here in California.  :)

Update: The contest is over, and thank you to all who voted!
Blog Update Contest

Normally, I don't write new information on the weekend because I am super busy!  However, I HAD to enter this contest before the due date, and believe me folks, I need to win!

1. Why I need to win.

I have so much in progress here and the blog has grown a ton in just a couple of months!  The new Facebook group, new tutorials and patterns, giveaways (with a few more in the works), and my first feature are just a few of the more exciting developments around here.  There is more and more traffic from people popping by and I'd love for it to reflect more of who I am and not just the free template that was closest to what I like.

Also, I seem to have a problem organizing my posts with all of my topics, and Cindy says that she "can't help and think of ways I would makeover that blog to make it more appealing and easier to read."  Her words, not mine.  Seriously, she needs to visit here stat!

The final reason is, everything that has been done to my blog is by me so far.  Whatever I couldn't figure out how to alter via Googling has been left as is, even if I detest it.  I would love to have a few changes around here handled by a professional, because if it takes me hours to figure out how to put together a project gallery, I can't even imagine what I need to do for some of the harder design elements out there.  SOS, please someone help me!

2. What do I want?
Here's the important part!   The lovely Cindy says that there's a catch: she will collect info on preferences, but then directly install the design and SURPRISE the winner with the final design!  So, there's no room for error here and I shouldn't mention my love of the Lakers, or else I might end up with a purple and gold blog with basketballs for buttons.  Oops, too late!

Anyways, I would say that my aesthetic is clean, classic, and feminine with a bit of vintage thrown into the mix.  My most difficult problem to find a way to bring my love of vintage into my blog.  Most vintage templates are Victorian era style, which is so not me!  Since I sew, the metaphor I will compare it to is a simple cardigan: I would want it to have a subtle lace trim and beautiful buttons.  You know, the vintage details!

I want my blog to be my virtual home to my blog visitors, and I want my home to look like Anthropologie!  I can't have enough pretty glasses, bowls, and aprons.  :)

My favorite colors are teal, turquoise, gold, coral, and mint green.  Anyways, here are three color palette inspirations that I love via Design Seeds.

Maybe instead of red, a coral hue for my perfect palette?
I love this mix of colors, and the picture is gorgeous too!
A mix of cool greens.  Some of my favorite colors, but I would need a contrast color for sure. :)

3. How do I win?

Starting on Monday, Cindy's readers will be voting on the most deserving blog.  If you're already a reader, vote for me!  If not, I think she'll let you join and vote for me when the time comes.

Anyways, I hope that I win, or at least get a runner up prize.  It would be amazing to have good, professional input into my tiny corner of the internet.  Fingers crossed!

Finally, hello to all of Cindy's readers out there visiting for the first time!  I'm happy to have you visit and I hope to have you stick around.  :)


  1. Thanks so much for entering Diane! I love the colors you chose! SO much fun! :)

    Voting starts today and anyone can vote so make sure you get your readers to vote for you! ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Awesome! I'll need every vote I can get, some of the other bloggers have tons of followers. Eep!

  3. Replies
    1. Wait a second, you're the competition! Well, it looks like neither of us will win unless there's an incredible last minute surge. Oh well! :)


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