Saturday synopsis! ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

Saturday synopsis!

What a fun week of posts!  A little bit something for everyone with posts on cooking, sewing, mini-adventures, organization, and style watching.

By the way, thanks to everyone for reading and commenting!  Even though I started this out for myself to track projects, it's been fun to share my projects and have you guys send some love my way.  :)
What are the plans for this weekend?  For me, it's piecing together the last bits of my vacation plans!

Saturday Synopsis!

Monday:  The ultimate Carrot Cupcake recipe with my favorite Cream Cheese frosting!

Tuesday:  Sewing rewind: Self-drafted edition.  Three modified patterns, two fails, and one fun shirt! Apparently, I never wore it in front of my guy, so it became my Valentine's top for a casual dinner out.

Wednesday:  Weekly Wrap-up: 18 hours in Nashville visiting some of my old haunts.

Thursday:  The DIY solution I use for storing my jewelry!  

Friday: Looking through an episode of Hart of Dixie for some seriously cute outfits!


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