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Style / Sewing Inspiration: Hart of Dixie!

I admit it.  I love a good teeny bopper show.  I grew up with My So-Called Life, Felicity, and Dawson's Creek.  Come on, remember how much you wanted to dye your hair bright red, or move to New York for a guy, or be part of a love triangle?

Anyways, nowadays my tastes have grown up.  Almost.  I can't help but watch some of the shows that are made for kids half my age!  One of my silly, guilty pleasures is Hart of Dixie.  Then again, the actors are actually still older than me, so I don't feel too bad.

One of my favorite parts is the cute outfits they wear.  I used to live in the South for a bit, so I thought maybe my taste changed to a more Southern, genteel style.  Then I found out that they wear a mix of Kate Spade, Anthropologie, J Crew, and other faves of mine.  While writing this post, I found out there is even a website that documents each episode!

Suzannah from Adventures in Dressmaking shared her love of How I Met Your Mother and other shows for sewing inspiration, and I have decided to do the same and share one episode of outfits from Hart of Dixie!

*Sorry in advance for the blurry screen-caps!  There are some better pictures here.*

I tend to prefer the Southern girls' outfits more, but this dress on Rachel Bilson's character is super cute!

I love the lacy top that Jamie King's character is wearing (although I wouldn't style it so cutesy) and we can ignore the jacket that Annabeth on the left is wearing.

How adorable is the lace and pale yellow together?

My favorite outfit by far, down to the shoes!

I'm positive that if I had access to one character's closet, it would be hers (after burning the jacket first).

Yep, I'm definitely not a fan of the jacket.  The outfit on the left is a bit better, and I definitely like the color combo.  The hair is over the top, but the characters are supposed to be!

This dress is soooo cute and retro!  And I love the men's style too.  :)

I'm not someone who does prints very often, but Jamie King is so pretty, she can pull anything off!

Yes, there are lots of prints, but I love how they always have a complete outfit from the purse...

Down to the adorable shoes!

I love this whole picture, and not just the outfits!  The bookcase, chair rail, and slipper chairs are so cute!

The table in the back and the dining table settings are adorable too!  And check out Annabeth's pose.  Could she be any sweeter?

The younger girls are in on the act too, with more casual but cute styles.

A red polka dot peplum skirt?  Fun!

That was just one episode's worth of outfits and I know I missed some.  Here's a bonus of Annabeth from a different episode wearing another adorable outfit.

Credit: WornonTV

My DVR is ready for more style inspiration, so what is your favorite show to watch for its outfits?  


  1. Here is ANOTHER reason why I am almost positive that we are the same person living on opposite coasts...I l-o-v-e this show! Teeny bopper or not, I have been obsessed with it ever since I watched the first season on Netflix. Unfortunately I'm not caught up on this season, but I love everything about it--especially the outfits!!

    1. I know! I watched Season 1 via Netflix too, so I was late to the party, but now I watch every week. :) Definitely extra points to a show when I love the outfits!

  2. D, we need to hang out upon your return from Europe.


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