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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Denise's Doodles feature & promo!

On this week's Shop Small Saturday Showcase, I have a delicious treat in store for you.  As you know, I love going to all of the shows and when Artisanal L.A. comes around, you better come hungry!  I didn't know this at my first one, and even though I was at the end of the show and waddling around with a full belly, I ran into Denise's Doodles and couldn't help but taste a few of the sweet treats.

At home, I tried a few different items and loved them all!  I'll let you know my favorites at the bottom of the post, so stay tuned for that...  Oh!  And also at the bottom of the post, check out the generous 20% off promo on all of their items, just for my readers!

Now, let's meet the team behind Denise's Doodles!

Denise's Doodles feature on Shop Small Saturday Showcase at Diane's Vintage Zest!  #dessert #cookies


Tell me a little bit about yourself!

Hi, I’m Denise! My husband and I started Denise’s Doodles back in 2011. I’m the baker and he’s the business.

I have extensive experience in the retail baking industry, having worked for Mrs. Field's Cookies and Ghirardelli Chocolate. Most importantly, I have a serious love affair with all things sweet! I love baking. I have been baking cookies and brownies for my friends and family for years. It brings great joy to my heart when people enjoy the treats I bake for them. In my book, dessert always comes first.

Where did the name of your store come from?

We thought of other names with snickerdoodles or cookies, but when one imagines having a store, there is no better name than your own.

Denise's Doodles feature on Shop Small Saturday Showcase at Diane's Vintage Zest!  #dessert #cookies

Why did you start making goods for Denise’s Doodles?

I wanted to make a sweet treat for my husband, who does not have a sweet tooth, like I do. I pulled out a classic recipe for snickerdoodles that I’ve had for years. He had no idea what a snickerdoodle was, but he loved it! After he brought them to work and everyone kept asking for more, we knew we were onto something. The final test was placing a plate of cookies on the table at a party, walking away, then noticing that they were gone in 15 minutes, and some partygoers had three or four apiece. This is when we knew it was time to mobilize for world snickerdoodle domination!

What is your favorite item?

Since I have a major sweet tooth, I enjoy the blondie bites. Semi-sweet, butterscotch and white chocolate chips are blended with vanilla and brown sugar, which creates a sweet, decadent treat!

Denise's Doodles feature on Shop Small Saturday Showcase at Diane's Vintage Zest!  #dessert #cookies

What is your most popular item?

The original snickerdoodle is very popular, and for something extra sweet, customers enjoy the blondie bites.

Where do you get the inspiration for your work?

I have fun creating new flavors for each season and the holidays. Snickerdoodles and blondie bites provide the perfect base to be creative with flavor combinations. Every person who has a smile on their face after enjoying our products is also inspiration to continue baking our ‘doodles.

Denise's Doodles feature on Shop Small Saturday Showcase at Diane's Vintage Zest!  #dessert #cookies

What makes your store unique?

Snickerdoodles half dipped in chocolate is a new experience for most people!

What is the toughest part about making your goods/your artistic process?

Each batch of cookies and blondie bites are baked to order. It’s a time consuming process to bake and dip the cookies and cut the blondies into bite size. I love baking snickerdoodles and blondie bites, but looking after a toddler while baking makes it a bit challenging.

Do you take custom orders?

We do take custom orders. Customers can choose any combination of our product to make the perfect gift!

Denise's Doodles feature on Shop Small Saturday Showcase at Diane's Vintage Zest!  #dessert #cookies

Where can I see more of your work and buy a gift?

Facebook: www.facebook/denisesdoodles
Twitter: @denisesdoodles
Instagram: @denisesdoodles1

Are you going to be at any shows soon, so I can see your work in person and say hello?

Artisanal L.A. October 10-11, 2015

Anything else to add?

Denise's Doodles is available for catering and corporate gift giving. Board meetings, client meetings, special events or to show your appreciation to your clients; we provide freshly baked, delicious cookies and blondie bites ready to serve. Customize any combination of our products for a truly unique presentation. For more details please contact us at

Denise's Doodles feature on Shop Small Saturday Showcase at Diane's Vintage Zest!  #dessert #cookies


By the way, isn't Denise's Doodles the sweetest name ever?!  As I promised, I was going to tell you my favorite of the items I tried above.  (I think you recognize that countertop!)  Personally, I loved the snickerdoodles half dipped in chocolate!  They are such a pretty version of a regular snickerdoodle, and I adored the chocolate and cinnamon combo.  Who knew?

Now, when you go to the website and order an assortment of goodies, make sure to enter the code VINTAGEZEST20 to receive 20% off.  Such a delicious discount!

Which Doodle will you do?


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