A Little Delight feature & GIVEAWAY! ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

A Little Delight feature & GIVEAWAY!

On this week's Shop Small Saturday Showcase, I have such an adorable shop to share with you all!  I was at last year's Patchwork show in Santa Ana for just a little bit, and on my way out I saw Blair of A Little Delight packing away the cutest accessories!  I knew it was closing time, but I asked if she would liked to be featured here.  Lucky for us, she said yes!

I caught up with her and the family at Patchwork this year and was reminded in person of how obsessed I am with everything she makes!  Honestly, it will be pretty difficult for the winner of this week's giveaway to choose their favorite.  It's a good thing then that for this week's giveaway, Blair is giving away two bows to a lucky readers!

But first, check out the interview and some gorgeous photos courtesy of A Little Delight!

A Little Delight feature on Shop Small Saturday Showcase at Diane's Vintage Zest!  #hairbows #bows


Tell me a little bit about yourself!

HI! My name is Blair and I am the half owner, and (half) bow maker of A Little Delight. I am a wife to a handsome teacher, the momma of 2 sweet toddlers, a natural life loving vegetarian, coffee addict, glitter and confetti obsessed, tattooed crafter!  And of course, am so passionate about my accessory business, A Little Delight!

We love handcrafting these high quality hair bows, picking out fun modern fabrics, and I absolutely LOVE making friends and chatting with shoppers at craft fairs/boutiques! But I definitely don't do this alone! My wonderful husband Sean does a ton of the work making bows, handles a lot of the social media side of the business, shipping,  and takes care of all the Etsy shop back end stuff! We also have the most awesome shop assistant, Chloe. She helps with lots of important things, including packaging orders, prepping products, and wraps up those important loose ends! All together, we make a pretty fun team!

Where did the name of your store come from?

To be honest, it kinda just came to me. I wanted something fun and a little whimsical, and I liked that it gave us room to grow our product line. And really, who does not love a little delight in their lives?! ;)

A Little Delight feature on Shop Small Saturday Showcase at Diane's Vintage Zest!  #hairbows #bows

Why did you start making goods for A Little Delight?

I have always loved making things, and when my daughter was born, I was SO excited about having a girl and finally being able to go crazy with accessories. Most of the bows I purchased for her would end up completely bent our of shape and not very wearable anymore. I also quickly noticed that there was a big need for some really fun modern prints out there! So I started making these sturdy, modern, perky little bows for her, that could also double as a baby bow tie for my son - and our signature lined bows were born! It did not take long for friends to want to buy some, and it really just took off from there.

What is your favorite item?

My favorite bow changes from day to day (I am always posting my "new favorite" on Instagram). We choose every print with a keen eye, looking for modern, fun, trendy fabrics, and we really do our best to not stray from that. So its so easy to just fall in love with each pattern all over again ALL the time! I have to say though, that I really love our modern floral and metallic prints right now!

A Little Delight feature on Shop Small Saturday Showcase at Diane's Vintage Zest!  #hairbows #bows

What is your most popular item?

We recently released some completely different prints, including a Mario Bros (mushroom) bow, and a Dr. Who (tardis) bow, and they were a total hit! Our mustard polka dots, all of the metallics, and the the neon geometric shape patterns have been killin' it at our recent shows too!

Where do you get the inspiration for your work?

My kids, pop culture, current movies and sports, fun popular geeky shows and movies, and all of the fantastic modern trends going on right now.

What makes your store unique?

I think it's our signature fabric bows and our ability to stay on top of what's trending, but also do our own thing. The bows really just sell themselves because of the quality and the shape that they hold. I have found that with our line of bows it comes down to one of those situations where you need to touch and see in person to really "get" it. Shopping online for this type of product can be tricky, but people seem to be pretty impressed with them when they see them in person, and our devoted customers are proof of this as well. Plus, we think its pretty cool that they can be worn as a hair bow for kids and women (perfect with a top knot or bun), and the exact same bow can be worn as a clip on bow tie for a little guy.

A Little Delight feature on Shop Small Saturday Showcase at Diane's Vintage Zest!  #hairbows #bows

What is the toughest part about making your goods?

Just getting that perfect shape nailed when putting them together, the rest we have down to a perfect science now.

Do you take custom orders?

We do! We also sell adult bow ties, and we get a lot of custom orders for weddings/bridal parties. We also just started selling no-snag hair ties & headbands, and we do custom sets for party favors, and for the specific needs of our wholesale/retail accounts. All custom orders can be requested through our Etsy shop, and there is more info on the process on our website.

A Little Delight feature on Shop Small Saturday Showcase at Diane's Vintage Zest!  #hairbows #bows

Where can I see more of your work and buy a gift?

Website & Blog:  www.ALittleDelight.com
Etsy:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/Alittledelight
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/alittledelight
Twitter : @ALDblair
Pinterest:  www.pinterest.com/ALittleDelight/
Instagram:  @AlittleDelight

You can also buy a bunch of our bows at a fun new local children's boutique, Layla & Lisette! They are located at:
423 S Brookhurst St. Suite E
Anaheim, California

Are you going to be at any shows soon, so I can see your work in person and say hello?

Yes, we have a really exciting year ahead, and can't wait to see you there! We will be at the Layla & Lisette Grand Opening event on June 13th, Penelope Lane Boutique for the June 27th, September 12th, and November 21st shows, Patchwork Show in Santa Ana in the fall, Queen Bee Market December 4th & 5th, and we are hoping to do Unique LA and Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles in the Summer and Fall/Winter as well. There will be more information on all of these shows on our website as they get closer.

A Little Delight feature on Shop Small Saturday Showcase at Diane's Vintage Zest!  #hairbows #bows


Are these not the cutest photos ever?  If you think the Star Wars picture above is cute, check out the entire photo shoot!  I adore it.  By the way, Blair is offering free shipping to my readers on your entire Etsy purchase by using the code "vintagezest" at checkout.

Now for the giveaway!  Enter using the widget below, and as always...

Good luck!


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