Happy Mother's Day! & Sunday Synopsis ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

Happy Mother's Day! & Sunday Synopsis

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all of you have a lovely day celebrating with mom, your kids, and your loved ones!  We will be having brunch at my mom's restaurant pick, and I'm sure it will be a fun time.  :)

Sunday Synopsis on Diane's Vintage Zest

Lastly, here are last week's posts in case you missed any.  :)

Sunday Synopsis

Sunday Synopsis on Diane's Vintage Zest

Monday:  Feeling adventurous?  Try out this Filipino dessert with tropical fruit, coconut milk, and tapioca pearls.  It's wonderful!

Tuesday:  Do Tell Tuesday #22 along with awesome features from last week.  :)  Come link up and try to get featured on all three blogs next week!

Wednesday:  I upcycled lotion bottle into a functional cell phone charger holder!

Sunday Synopsis on Diane's Vintage Zest

Thursday:  Before we get into the Blogging 101 series, check out why I am a shy blogger.  So far, I have a ton of support out there.  Thanks guys and gals!

Friday:  Wow, so much food and fun this week!  Plus, a sneak peek at Unique L.A. and adventures around town.

Saturday:  Dandyrions' feature and giveaway on Shop Small Saturday Showcase!  Check out this shop with amazingly adorable creations.

On The Episodic Eater

Sunday Synopsis on Diane's Vintage Zest

Forage (Los Angeles, CA):  Delicious fresh, seasonal food.  So delicious!

Brite Spot (Los Angeles, CA):  Desserts and pie from a classic L.A. diner.  Mmmm...

Guisado's (Los Angeles, CA):  Tacos with handmade tortillas and so many delicious fillings.  Gosh, I have to go back soon.  :)

Sunday Synopsis on Diane's Vintage Zest

Providence (Los Angeles, CA):  We celebrated my dad's birthday at one of the best restaurants in L.A.  Definitely a must read!

La Tavolata (Artesia, CA):  If it's Italian food, I'm in!

85°C Bakery Cafe (Southern California):  We tried so many bakery delights and spied even more that we'll have to try next time.  :)

Happy rest of the weekend!


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