Weekly Wrap-Up: Carnival time in Vegas! ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

Weekly Wrap-Up: Carnival time in Vegas!

This was a busy, busy week before Christmas!  We had so much fun, and I for one am completely tuckered out.  It's a good thing that the holidays are almost upon us so I can get a bit of a break.  :)


  • Sights: Road trip to Vegas!
  • Eats: Nick's on 2nd, Pamplemousse Le Restaurant, Carnival of Cuisine, Public House, Grimaldi's Pizzeria, Bouchon

Before all of the fun Las Vegas weekend stuff, I had a quick lunch with my mom during the workweek.  We headed to Nick's on 2nd and I had the most delicious dessert... Warm Butter Cake!  If anyone knows a similar recipe, let me know.  :)  To see all of the delicious pictures, head to The Episodic Eater on this post!


And then we were off to Vegas for the weekend!  Here are a couple pretty pictures of our ride over.  :)

 photo LasVegas1_zpsf977ce49.jpg

I love this picture of the rainbow sky over the desert mountains.  :)

 photo LasVegas2_zps04b2e52e.jpg

For dinner, we went to Pamplemousse Le Restaurant and had a nice welcome dinner to Las Vegas.  Check out this incredible crudités platter!  See all of the deliciousness right here.  :)


In the morning, my guy and I hit the outlet malls and I may have purchased just a few things...  :)  First, I had some new Kenneth Cole boots (to replace my favorite, worn-out black ones) and an awesome leather jacket also from Kenneth Cole.  Also, I bought a few festive tops, a pretty belt, and a winter jacket from Banana Republic (I heart that store), plus a chambray shirt & statement necklace from J. Crew.  I went all out since I have not bought winter clothing in forever and the deals were too ridiculously good to pass up!

Now, for the reason we were there!  We went to the Carnival of Cuisine, which is an amazing food event.  Tons of restaurants from The Palazzo and The Venetian have tables all around the pool area and you sample so much incredible food.

Here are just five of the beautiful and delicious dishes we had.  Click over to the Episodic Eater to see the whole spread!

Later that night, we went to Public House, one of my guy's favorites.  Check out the recap here.

And really, really late that night we finally were a bit hungry after the Carnival.  Where else do we go but Grimaldi's Pizzeria, a late night pizza joint!  I was halfway ready to sleep, but this pizza perked me up!  See more here!


The next morning, we decided to have brunch before leaving for home.  Where else to go but Bouchon?  I think we eat there just about every time we go to Vegas!  In fact, this is the restaurant's fifth time on my blog in under a year.  :)  I have a thing for chicken and waffles (as you remember from this recipe) so you might imagine that this fancy version with perfect roast chicken was absolutely delicious.  See all of the delicious food here!

On the way home, I could not help but snap a few pictures of the pretty sunset.  :)

 photo LasVegas3_zps45f73e2f.jpg

This one was on Instagram, if you want to follow me there too!

 photo LasVegas4_zpsc2166bd1.jpg

This was a great way to spend the week before Christmas with friends and family before all of the craziness really starts!  Now, to work out a bit to fit in the clothes I just bought!  ;)


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