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Virtual Gift Exchange with Honest & Truly!

Since this is my first year of blogging, and I love all of the connections I have made, I wanted to participate in the Social Fabric Virtual Gift Exchange!  I have to admit that I signed up and then when I found out the time commitment, I actually thought it best that I pass on this year.  There was a tiny mix-up and I ended up not giving up my spot, so this is a belated gift exchange.  Still, I'm soooo happy that I had the chance to be matched with a blogger that I think you'll want to get to know!

Meet Michelle of Honest & Truly!

Let's get to know her first, and then I'll dive into some of my favorite posts!

 photo Collage2_zpsfae6f3fd.jpg

First off, Michelle is a mother to a 10 year old son and 8 year old daughter, whom she calls Mister Man and Little Miss.  Isn't it a coincidence that I call my travel mascot Little Miss?  :)  She lives in the suburbs of Chicago and is a busy, busy lady!  Learn more about her here.  :)

She cooks and cleans from scratch, a gal after my own heart!  Also, shares TONS of amazing tips from all kinds of topics from traveling to parenting that are super helpful.


Here are some of my fave recipe posts from Michelle!

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Here are some tips and tricks that I think are awesome!

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I'm so happy that I was able to "gift" my bloggy match to all of you readers, and you should totally pop by Honest & Truly to to say hi!  Also, keep up with her on FacebookGoogle PlusTwitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube too!

To see the other Gift Exchange posts (including mine), see the link-up below.

Happy Holidays!


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