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Handmade Gift Feature & Review: Moxxie Essential Care!

For today's "25 Days of Handmade Gifts" feature, I have something extra to share with you: a review!  Not only did I have the opportunity to meet the lovely owner and creator behind Moxxie Essential Care at Patchwork Santa Ana, I was able to get an interview for you all to see the magic behind this natural bath and body product line!

Now, I chose four different products all with a "peppermint" theme because it's the holidays!  It was definitely a gift for myself.  :)  First, I tried the Peppermint Solid Sugar Scrub and it was great!  It was not too "scratchy" and the tub contained small cubes so I could use one at a time without getting the other ones wet.  Next, I tried the Double Mint Body Bar and it was amazing!  As you could tell from its name it had twice the mint, so it smelled fantastic in the shower but did not leave me smelling like an Altoid!  Now, my favorite find of the four is the Peppermint Lip Balm because it completely resembles another unnamed brand of all-natural mint lip balm that I used in the past.  The brand was bought by a larger company and no longer used all natural ingredients, and it changed drastically even though it is still available.  This is exactly what I have been looking for since then!  Lastly, I tried the Peppermint Moisturizing Body Creme, which was my real favorite!  I was expecting a thick creme, but it was whipped and lovely!  And surprisingly, it was tingly after I applied it on my skin for about 15 minutes!

Okay, that was a quick rundown of just four of the many products in the entire Moxxie Essential Care line.  Take a peek at how beautiful everything looks and start picking out your favorite scent!


Tell me a little bit about yourself!

My Story 
I AM     Philosopher - Designer -  Innovator - Producer.
I LIVE   to Create, Transform and Impact.
I LOVE  to Design the Blend of Colors, Forms, Textures and Aromas.
Formulating plant-based bath and body products gives me all that and then some.

During the 80’s and 90’s I studied the art and science of architectural design, community planning and construction then set upon a mission to design and develop pioneering affordable housing for non-profit community organizations and innovative office work spaces for multi-national corporations on the East coast and in Canada.

Amidst the anticipation and excitement of Y2K I reinvented myself, pulled up stakes and headed west with my family.  My husband and I acquired and took on the challenges of managing a west coast B2B manufacturing business.  At the same time we nurtured and parented two wonderfully terrific kids into young adults.

Some years ago, I discovered the simple feel good pleasures of handcrafted natural soaps.  I then stumbled upon a beautiful color-filled book on the craft of blending plant-based oils, pure plant extracts and botanicals to make natural soap.

Ahaa.. It was a calling for me to take better care of me.  And to design again!   A calling to craft marvelously spirited natural bath and body products that promote healthy skin while nurturing the mind, body and spirit.

In 2010 I created Moxxie Essential Care as a commitment to honor my passions.  To reaffirm my authentic self.  To explore, design, and create.  To enjoy and share!

-Moxxie Collage 4

Where did the name of your store come from?

The true meaning of Moxxie is about seizing the moment.  About thriving in that special space where luxury meets practicality, where fortitude and exploration reveals positive energy and determination unleashes personal style.

mox·ie  /ˈmäksē/
1. The ability to manage competing demands - day in and day out - with spirit and courage.
2. Positive, creative energy.  determination.
3.  Whole body, mind-body self-affirming care.

What is your favorite item?

hmmmm..  hard to say.  I rotate through the line.  Currently  I am really enjoying  the lavender lip balm because I am a lip balm freak and the lavender is a nice, light scent that surprises me with how smooth and comforting a felling it provides each time I use it.

-70 Moxxie Essential Care

What is your most popular item?

No single item. Lavender is probably the most popular fragrance overall. People really light up when they smell the lemongrass in the Everybody's Handsoap - both men and women. And, people are intrigued with the concept of chocolate mint soap. this time of year, especially people love the body cremes and body balms which provide a soothing moisturizing relief to winter dry skin.

Where do you get the inspiration for your work?

My kids, my family, my overall life journey. The Moxxie Manifesto below expresses a lot of what Moxxie is all about.

You have Moxxie
Somewhere.  Deep inside.
You have Moxxie.
You know you do.
Embrace your Intuition.
Adore, Honor and Express yourself.
Be Authentic.
Seek Balance and Excitement.
Age with Defiance and Grace.
Seize the Moment AND Just Be!
Be Generous and Demanding.
Expect more. Give more.
Live a life of your own design.
Explore your moxxie.
Find It.  Live It.  Love It.

-Moxxie Collage 3

What makes your store unique?

First and foremost, we commit to using only minimally processed plant-based ingredients and pure, undiluted essential oils. Many "natural" handcrafted bath and body products do not go that far. But more than that, Moxxie Essential Care ain't just about soap.   Our philosophy is one that promotes a spirited life-style and attitude of wellness, self-confidence, strength and balance of mind, body and spirit.  We are about journey, experience, finding balance and appreciation in a world of competing demands.  It's our belief in whole body, mind-body care.

What is the toughest part about making your goods/your artistic process?

finding the simple balance of art + chemistry

-76 Moxxie Essential Care

Do you take custom orders?

We can provide private label and customize wholesale orders.

Where can I see more of your work and buy a gift?

Website: www.moxxiesoap.com
Facebook: facebook.com/MoxxieEssentialCare
Twitter: @MoxxieSoap
Instagram:  @moxxieessentialcare
Pinterest: pinterest.com/moxxiesoap

Are you going to be at any shows soon, so I can see your work in person and say hello?

Orange Homegrown Farmer's Market Saturdays 9 am - 1pm thru Dec 28th

-Moxxie Collage 1
Two of the four peppermint goodies I tried!


I spent so much of my time smelling all of the wonderful soaps and then when I found out about how committed Moxxie Essential Care is to natural based products, it was icing on the cake!  These would be absolutely wonderful presents this holiday season with the beautiful packaging and holiday wrapping options.  The hard part will be to decide which scents and items you want to buy!  I don't think you can go wrong, so have fun choosing.  :)

Happy shopping!


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