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Friends & Family Time

So, this isn't quite up to my normal crafting standards, but I had to share it with you good readers.  My guy who is not into crafting or DIY made this little gem while he was bored on our card ride back from Las Vegas last weekend.

When he gave it to me after the end of our road trip, he jokingly said, "If you feature me as your 26th Day of Handmade Gifts, maybe we can have an interview and spend more time together?"

 photo Cup2_zpsd4a11b2a.jpg

So yes, I am doing just that and spending some well-deserved time with my family and my guy.

 photo Cup3_zps5452af5c.jpg

I'll be back soon with original content, but for now, you can admire my man's handiwork.  :)

 photo Cup1_zps59ffb9f5.jpg

Happy Holidays!


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