Tools For Tracing Sewing Patterns ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

Tools For Tracing Sewing Patterns

*Update: The tutorial on how trace a sewing pattern is here*

It's less than a week to our deadline for the Refashioning the 1960's Challenge!  Today, I'm most likely going to spend some time doing some pattern tracing since I'm not totally ready to cut my size out of the pattern yet.  There's nothing worse than destroying a pattern only to realize that you needed a different size.

Do any of you trace your sewing patterns?

Tools For Tracing Sewing Patterns on Diane's Vintage Zest!

Since I don't have the finished project to share with you yet, I thought that I would share the tools that make it easy to trace all of those pattern pieces!

Tools For Tracing Sewing Patterns on Diane's Vintage Zest!

  1. Butcher paper (not pictured): you can also use paper grocery bags taped together, or any heavy paper
  2. Thin ink pen or felt tip marker for marking patterns
  3. Needle wheel or Blunt tracing wheel
  4. Large ironing board (like the one I DIY-ed, if using the needle wheel) or Cutting mat (if using the blunt tracing wheel)
  5. Regular paper scissors
  6. Hole punch
  7. Pattern Notcher
  8. Straight edge ruler
  9. Paper weights (DIY or buy!)
  10. Tape

That's it!

Now, I'm not sure if anyone out there is interested in a tutorial on how to effectively trace pattern pieces, but I'm willing to put it together if you would like.  :)

*Update: The tutorial on how trace a sewing pattern is here*

Happy pattern tracing!

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  2. Too bad! The class I took is south of L.A. by a bit, so I'm sure it would be a chore to get to for you. It was fantastic though!

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  4. Ha! You're so funny! :) Well, I suppose it could look scary, like the instruments laid out in a dentist's office. :)


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