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Weekly Wrap-up: The Luck Continues!

It was pretty quiet around here this week (even with my sister's birthday and a celeb sighting - see below), but once again I was a lucky girl!  I won a couple of crafty items this week, like a monogrammed towel and this handmade clutch from Brittany, who was our guest poster a couple of weeks ago.  :)

My winnings!

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During lunch hour, we took a peek at a house, but it wasn't quite right again.  The house hunting is super time consuming!  We ate at a gyro place nearby which wasn't half bad.



Once again, I can't turn down an invitation to eat out when everything that I have to eat is just "blah."  For lunch, we went to Sapporo Sushi where we shared some interesting dishes.  I absolutely love anything in soy paper, so I ordered the Superman Burrito.  Yum!  My companion's bento box was enormous!

-Collage (Sapporo Sushi)


My out-of-town aunt was here, so naturally we took her to a fancy dinner at Elbows Mac 'N Cheese!  I'm just kidding, but I already had plans to eat here and they decided to all tag along.  :)

-Collage (Elbows Mac & Cheese)


My guy and I took it easy and we had a nice day inside for a change.  He asked me to take out my violin, so we could play a song together with him on the piano.  It wasn't pretty, only because it's been a while since I've played.  I think he wants to record our song this weekend, so I should probably practice!

Unfortunately, no sewing time due to everything I needed to get done...  Next weekend, perhaps?

We watched Stranger Than Fiction, which we both hadn't seen for years.  Such a great, original movie!  They need to make more movies like this, for sure.


We kept it pretty casual again, but this time I was on a mission.  I had my cousin's kid with me so we could go shopping for school supplies!  I don't have any pictures for you today, but I will definitely have them for you on Friday.  Why?  It is all for a great cause, and I can't wait to share!

I started to cook up a storm because I was running out of food!  I just needed a quick trip to the grocery store, and I made myself a bunch of my easy, favorite dishes.  I already shared my easy chicken noodle soup with you, but I'll make sure to share the curry and lasagna I made as well.  I definitely cook in huge batches!

Sneak peek from my Instagram!


I had to indulge my sweet tooth, so I made a few new desserts to me.  I'm DEFINITELY sharing these recipes soon. :)

Another sneak peek from my Instagram!


We went out for my sister's birthday since my parents were out of town over the weekend.  I love weeknight dinners in L.A. anyways!

She chose Mercato di Vetro, which was new for all of us.  I read that the Kale Crostini was amazing, and it was a spot-on suggestion.  Highly recommended!  I wasn't as excited by the salads, but the rest of the diners loved them.  The squash blossoms are the best I've had since Mozza!

-Collage 1 (Mercato di Vetro)

The corn agnolotti was AMAZING because I have a definite weakness for any dish with sweet corn.  We ordered three pizzas to share: Margherita, Kale, and Mushroom.  All of them were pretty good, and the crust was really unique.  It was a medium-thickness crust, which is pretty normal.  However, the chewy consistency was completely different than anything we had eaten.  My guy absolutely loved it!

-Collage 3 (Mercato di Vetro)

We also had Cauliflower with Za'atar, Penne Bolognese, and Flank Steak.  Easily the best item of the night (unanimously) was the Penne Bolognese.  Really amazing!

-Collage 2 (Mercato di Vetro)

For dessert, we had the Affogato and the donuts.  As you know, I'm a donut expert.  Search through my blog and you'll find recipes, taste tests, and tons of instances where I eat donuts!  These were absolutely divine.  The consistency was sooo light and airy, and almost moist!  I can't figure out how they did it, but I definitely have to work out extra hard after these!

-Collage 4 (Mercato di Vetro)

Lastly, I spotted Jason Priestly at the restaurant while we were eating.  It's pretty common for us to see someone out at dinner, but we never bother them for pictures because they're just trying to eat like we are.  However, my out-of-town aunt was ridiculous and trying to snap a picture of him THE WHOLE NIGHT from across the restaurant!  Finally, his table left, so I figured that he was safe.

We left shortly after, and I went outside to find her cornering him at the valet stand.  Ack!  Anyways, here's the proof that our favorite Beverly Hills 90210 star is a nice guy to take a picture with my crazy family member.


Well, that's the end of another eventful week!

For this weekend, I know we just have one housewarming party, which hopefully won't be too much of a late-night rager.  New homeowners are usually pretty nervous about their new buy, so hopefully I'll have a bit of time to craft and sew.

I'm crossing my fingers!


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