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Refashioning the 1960's Challenge Plans!

This isn't a finished garment post or even a works-in-progress update.  Have I lost your attention yet?

It's actually a planning post!  My favorite part of the sewing process, besides inspecting the garment for loose threads before wearing it!  :)  And believe me, I'm a great planner!  Have you seen My Big, Fat, Sewing To-Do list?

You may remember that our latest Stitch Once, Rip Twice project is a choose your challenge!  Read up on the details here.  :)  I decided to choose both the 1960s and refashioning, because I had the perfect starting material in mind!


It's an XL women's shirt from the Gap that I bought from the swap meet for $1!  It was so huge that I assumed it was a man's shirt, so thanks to Nay for clearing up the difference on our Facebook page.  :)

For the pattern, I'm using the Portrait blouse from Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing.  I fell in love with it when I saw the blouse in person at her book event in Sew L.A.  I've been sitting on that blouse pattern for a while now, ever since my guy gifted me the book on Valentine's Day!

Anyways, here is the fabric again with a close-up.  It's a pretty, pink swiss dot with just a bit of sheerness.  I'll definitely have to wear the final garment with a camisole, because I'm afraid that adding a lining would make it too heavy.


Here's a side-view of how large it is.  Hopefully it will be enough material because I've never refashioned before, unless you count my Lakers "dress"!


Seeing as how I didn't get to alter my maxi this weekend, this project hasn't even made it out of the starting blocks.  There's over a month until the deadline date, and the summer plans have slowed a bit (thankfully!).  Hopefully that means that I get more sewing time on the weekends, and maybe I'll even crack the book open!

On a side note, I've only ever used patterns from the Big 4 and Colette, so I'm a little nervous to use a book-based pattern.  Fingers crossed!  I'm not even sure how different it will be, so I'm ready to dive in.  :)

Any tips to using a pattern from a book?  I'd love to hear!


  1. Great post, Diane, so inspiring!
    1. I love your thrift shirt, fabric and color!
    2. the pattern you choosed seems perfect! Does it have buttons in back?
    3. I really love your to-do list, I was planning to do something similar (it was in my to-do list LOL), it seems to be more motivating, the simple fact of writing that list on the blog!

    I still have to choose my cloth to be refashioned, we have no thrift stores here around (sad girl I am... sob sob...), will have to be more creative (mumble mumble)

  2. Thanks! The pattern does have buttons in the back, so I'm going to see if I can repurpose the front, or at least the buttons. :) We'll see...

    Yes, I'm happy about finally writing down my To Do list because it has been swirling around in my head for too long!

    I have no doubt you will come up with something fabulous for the challenge!

  3. I think you just could add buttons (I would do that in back)... just my two cents!
    I'm still thinking about my refashion: too much inspiration all around!!!

  4. Hi Diane! I wanted to first of all say 'hi' and thank you for joining our Blog Hop today! We love having you and hope to see you next week and for many weeks thereafter :).

    I tried to comment on your more recent post...the one about the recap of your week and all the yummy food...I wasn't able to for some reason. When I clicked on 0 comments, it didn't take me anywhere. Luckily I figured maybe if I tried another post it might work. I wonder if that's why there are no comments on that post? great that you play the violin!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    P.S. I notice now that I've commented I can't seem to sign in as Househoneys, so I thought I would tell you that's who I am in case you were wondering what hop I was talking about ;)

  5. Thanks for visiting! I'll try to figure out what's going on with the weekly wrap-up comments. :)

    And also thanks for the Blog Hop! I love finding new bloggy friends. :)


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