Weekly Wrap-Up: My first estate sale :), family tree session :D, and aquarium leak :( ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

Weekly Wrap-Up: My first estate sale :), family tree session :D, and aquarium leak :(

Please excuse the lateness of this post, but I didn't hit the Publish/Schedule button.  Oops!  Probably due to lack of sleep from a busy week, yet again!

If you follow my Instagram (username: vintagezest), you would have seen some of these pictures already.  In fact, I was considering dropping the weekly wrap-ups altogether, but I have some followers that aren't on Instagram yet.  This is for you!



Once again, I was a soccer cheerleader, but this time the field was inundated with tons of geese.  There were waaay more than this, when I first arrived.  Aren't they funny!


Afterwards, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings, where I was challenged to eat 5 of the spiciest wings.  Challenge accepted and accomplished!  I didn't take a picture because it's quite messy and buffalo wings in a paper basket aren't super impressive-looking.  :)


I was lucky to have time to spend with a friend, so we decided to do what we do best.  Eat and shop!  I had an online deal, so we headed to Elbows Mac & Cheese where we shared a Cheeseburger Mac & Cheese and a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich for a really late lunch.  Both were ridiculously good as you can imagine.  By the way, there was a salad before this, but it somehow forgot to be photographed.  :)

-Collage (Elbows Mac & Cheese)

Next, we went shopping for a bit where I got just a couple of items and a ton of inspiration for future sewing projects!  I was on a mission to buy a cute chambray shirt from Forever 21 like mimi g had on during Day 2 of her conference.  I found it!  Yay!

For dinner, I met up with some friends at Great Maple where we shared some food.  It's a good thing because I was still stuffed from my late lunch.  :)  However, I couldn't pass up an amazing fish taco and tasting the halibut with mushroom risotto.  

-Collage (Great Maple)

Later that night, we went to Mesa and had fun people-watching and schmoozing.  :)


The next morning, I saw a sign for an estate sale and headed on in!  There were lots of items for sale, including two pieces of furniture that I would have loved to buy and renovate, but I passed on them.  :(

-Collage (Estate Sale)

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that I did walk away with some pretty books for free!  I wish I would have had more arms to bring them to the car with me, but these six were enough.  :)


That afternoon to evening, we invited my mom's aunt and uncle over to have a crab boil party.  There were LOTS of crabs to be eaten, as well as other yummy treats.  I forgot to take a picture, so I stole this from my cousin's Facebook pic.  :)

318 (cropped)

My inner nerd also got to start our family tree!  I learned a TON from my mom's aunt and uncle about our ancestors, and we started working on it with them.  I added nearly 300 relatives that night!  Talk about a crazy night of fun.  :)


My guy and I were a bit lazy, but we did drive around to some open houses and once again came up empty.  We stopped at Corner Bakery, which isn't particularly special, but it holds a place in my heart because my guy and I would go to the one near campus when we first started dating.  Memories!

A caprese salad for me!

A roast beef sandwich for him.  :)

Then, I had to help my mom because it turns out that her aquarium started to leak.  Eep!  Looks like I will need to cut another vinyl decal!

For dinner, we joined my parents at Michael's Pizzeria, which was ah-mazing.  The quality of the mozzarella was impeccable, and there was a perfect ratio of sauce to cheese.  We ordered a Margherita D.O.P., Gamberi e Zucchini, and a Prosciutto e Arugula.  Everyone loved the thickness of crust, even though we are usually everywhere on the spectrum from deep dish to thin as paper.

-Collage (Michael's Pizzeria)

I'm definitely coming back for their Margherita Mondays deal!


Speaking of Monday, I promised myself that I would eat healthier, so I made a trip to my favorite international market, Super King!  Produce here is so cheap that it's busy whenever you go, with guys stocking new stuff constantly!


I'm actually going to share an in-depth post about some fun findings in this store.  :)


I spent the majority of my night cooking for the week.  Soup, breakfast cookies, cauliflower gratin, pickled radish & cucumber salad, and a bunch more items.


I'm looking forward to this weekend, since I might actually get some sleep!  Yay!


  1. Success! You found the chambray shirt. : ) FYI: Its 4 AM and you got me wondering where I can get a philly cheesesteak sandwich...*drool*. Unfortunately, Elbows Mac n Cheese is 40 mins ( at least ) away.

  2. Ha! Well if you're in the area, hit me up because Elbows is ah-mazing! Also, I'm so happy that I found the shirt, but it seriously took forever in that store because it's huuuge! Well worth the effort. :)


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