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Guest Post: Decor Hints and Tips for a Stunning Home

Today, I have a guest post from Lisa, who asked if she could share some decor tips with my readers.  I love anything that has to do with decorating and she has some superb suggestions that will definitely have your place (and mine) looking amazing.  Read on!


Hello Everyone! This is Lisa Jolan and I am glad to be here at Vintage Zest. Today I am going to share some interesting décor hints and tips for a stunning home. Hope you will find this post helpful. You can reach me on Twitter and Pinterest.

If you’re inner goddess cries out for a beautiful, yet inviting, home this is the right place for you! Interior designers have a number of little tricks and secrets that make a house look perfectly in tune, without being showroom neat and tidy, and yet not falling into disarray after a few minutes use.

Be lavish with pillows:

Make a sofa more inviting by adding at least two sets of pillows, preferably covered with vibrant patterns and colours that contrast with each other and the sofa. Similarly coloured cushions will blend into the sofa and get lost in the depths, leaving a lumpy and unsightly effect, while just one pair of cushions looks sparse and skimpy.

Be different!

If you have a very small living room and find it difficult to find a good sofa that fits the room – simply do without one! Add a comfortable bean-bag to sprawl out on informally, and several armchairs instead, and you will find, before too long, that you do not miss the sofa at all.

Buy large for small:

Trying to buy a smaller bed than usual to create the illusion that a bedroom is bigger than it really is does not work! Buy the biggest bed that fits into the room, add a gloriously tall headboard and you will be amazed at how the effect seems to open the room up.

Spread the light:

Try to have up to four light sources in any room, to make sure that all the beautiful features can be seen clearly. One or two points of bright light create an uncomfortable cone of dazzling brilliance, while casting the remainder of the room into gloom and shadow. Lighting is available with huge variety these days: from table lamps to wall lamps, down lighters and uplighters, concealed fixtures and lavish chandeliers. You are sure to find the perfect light fittings for each room in the house.

Cover it up:

If your room is a forest of chair legs, table legs, standing lamps and other vertical lines you may want to consider putting skirts on some of the furniture. Not only will these stylish and elegance additions to the furniture look great, they remove some of the relentless vertical lines that can make a room feel overcrowded and un-relaxing. As an added bonus any stray draughts will be neatly trapped by the skirts, keeping precious heating in the room.

Plants on display:

Nearly every room in the house looks all the better for having a thriving green plant in a quiet corner. Many plants adore sunshine, but be careful not to put your plant in the window, where it might block out some of the natural light.

Light up dark corners!

If you have large closets, or a storeroom in which you keep sundry odds and ends, make sure that the space is well lit. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find one item and ending up taking everything out of a storage area in order to find it! A bright light will chase away any vestiges of claustrophobia and help you to keep precious pieces safe and sound until you can use them again.

Open up your home:
If you have cabinets with wooden doors, try opening them wide to put your treasures on display. Plain closed doors can make a room seem very shuttered and secretive, while open doors invite inspection, and can very successfully start conversation!

Try these hints and tips in your home and see what a wonderful difference they can make to any room! If you house is a work in progress focus on finishing one room at a time until the entire project is done. Before you know it, you will have the kind of home that makes your friends sigh in envy.


Thanks Lisa!  I'll definitely be utilizing some of these tips soon.  :)  If you're interested in contributing a guest post, e-mail me here!


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