Weekly Wrap-Up: Horse Racing, strolling in Seal Beach, and food fun! ~ Diane's Vintage Zest!

Weekly Wrap-Up: Horse Racing, strolling in Seal Beach, and food fun!

This will be a short weekly wrap-up, but this time it's on my regular Wednesday day.  Yes!  On a side note, this was definitely the perfect weekend!  Lots of plans, but lots of "R & R" time too.  :)  Perfecto!



Although I didn't do anything fun, I did get a great opportunity to network and talked with someone who offered me a potentially amazing opportunity for my professional life.  Super exciting!


I woke up bright and early to work out at 7am, so I could go house hunting for the whole morning.  It is definitely exhausting, but hopefully the hard work will result in a house of our own soon!

Since we were in the area, we had a late lunch at El Campeon, which is an awesome authentic Mexican restaurant.  Mmm!

Collage 1

I ordered a Beef Barbacoa and my guy had three taquitos.  They were both served with beans & rice.  These were easily the best beans that we've ever had!  I'm not a huge fan of refried beans, but these were perfectly seasoned with a wonderful texture.  Also, they had a great display of breads, so bought a couple to take back home.  :)

Collage 2

We had just enough time to stop off at home and freshen up before going to the Los Alamitos Race Course.  It was another online deal that I wanted to try out, especially because I had never been.  Whenever anyone says that they're "off to the races," it reminds me of The Marx Brothers' movie.  :)

The horse racing was so much fun, especially because we had entrance into the Vessels Club.  It was a beautiful course, which was totally surprising to me.


We were located just near the Finish Line, which made for some exciting races!  We had a bit to eat and drink while reading the race guide and placing a few bets.  My guy made 3 bets (including one long-shot) and I made 2.  He didn't win any of his... and I won both of mine!  Mine were a bit more conservative of course, so it didn't quite make up for our losses.  Yep, this pair of big spenders lost $2.10 playing the ponies.  :)

Collage 3

We decided to skip out on the last couple of races after the sun went down and met with some friends for the night.  We were out really late, and a fun time was had by all!


I was sooo lazy the next day especially after having done so much the day before on so little sleep.  We accepted a couple of meal invitations (again!) and decided to accept them because it was such a lovely day.  For lunch, we went to Athens West.  I ordered a salad although it was covered in way more gyro meat than I was expecting!

Collage 4

We walked up and down Main Street, which I've loved doing since I was a kid.  We even saw a couple of cute vintage cars!  Next, we went to The Crema Cafe bakery to pick up a couple loaves of bread.  My guy couldn't resist getting a canele.  I can't blame him, because they're scrumptious!

Collage 5

Afterwards, I did a little bit of blogging at home and we watched a movie.  Yep, nice and relaxing!  Next, we went to Thai on Main in Seal Beach again for dinner!

For appetizers, we ordered Beef Satay and Angel Wings.

Collage 6

The main courses were a noodle dish with chicken & bean sprouts, a curry trio, and prawns.

Collage 7


More networking, and I met with Mary for a post-weekend chat.  I've been a busy bee even on the weekdays!

This weekend, I'm headed to a fun event in the park and a birthday party.  I didn't realize that I knew so many June babies!

What are you all up to for this lovely summer weekend?


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