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Tip: Use a Belt Loop Turner for a Lost Drawstring

This might be possibly the most random post, but I thought this would be a good tip to share.  :)  I've been holding on to this post for a few months now, just in case I didn't have time to churn out enough posts for the week.  I guess that means I've been a busy bee!

I probably should have recycled these yoga pants into rags a while ago, but I totally love them.  I bought them in college and have worn them ever since.  I had already hemmed them due to fraying, and then I sewed up the drawstring channel after it started to unravel.  Basically, it's my sewing machine's most frequent customer.  :)

With all of those adjustments, it's as good as new!

Oh wait, not yet!

At first I considered removing the entire thing and feeding it back in using a very thin safety pin. It would take a long time and may not even work, but I didn't have any other option.

Then, I had an aha moment!

Hello Mr. Belt Loop Turner!

Yes, this took just a minute or so to hook the drawstring onto the hook inside for the casing, but then I was able to pull it through in 2 seconds flat!

Now, it's perfect and a couple of knots to secure the drawstring will help keep this from happening again.  I probably should have taken a picture of the results, but you can guess how it looks.  I was so excited about my fixed pants that I immediately put them on, after the quick fix.

I love when a piece of equipment can help you out in an unexpected situation.  Repurposing a piece of equipment for a completely other function?  That's double duty success!

What's your favorite "repurposed" tool?


  1. Good tip! Thanks for sharing! Happy Friday to all. :-) And stop on by if ya get a chance!


  2. What a great idea! Threading drawstrings can take forever with a safety pin.

  3. My loop turner has saved me a couple times sewing waistbands too...I let go of the elastic and reached right in and grabbed it from the casing!

  4. Now if i only had a loop turner:) I have at least three items with the draw string pulled completely out. Have to pick up some items at Joannes. Maybe I should get one of these:) I posted anchor dress to Girlish Whims:)

  5. Very true! Multifunctional tool for sure!

  6. Ha! It's sooo easy to lose an end in the washer or dryer. It'll be worth it to have your garments back in tip-top shape!

  7. This is awesome! I always fight with the safety pin method and end up getting frustrated before I'm done. Thanks so much for linking up to Krafty Inspiration Thursday at Krafty Cards etc. Be sure to check back next week to see if you have been featured.


  8. Great idea! Thanks!

    BTW found you on C.R.A.F.T. link party.


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