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Weekly Wrap-Up: There's No Place Like Home...

I have to admit, that this weekly wrap-up seems so much more boring, now that I'm not having adventures 24/7!

Also, it took me more than a week to figure out how to sleep normally.  Then again, if you ask my guy, he'll tell you that I never keep normal sleeping hours.  :)

Sunday (4/28)
I arrived home in the late afternoon, and knew that I had to stay up for at least 6 more hours to get back on track, sleep-wise.  I wanted nothing more than to take a shower and get to bed, but instead I forced myself to go to dinner.

I had never been to KPasta before, but I was pleasantly surprised!  I ordered the Black & White Linguini with Scallops.

Monday & Tuesday

I was in a trance both days.  I slept from 8pm to 2am, and really didn't do anything besides unpacking and catching up with life in general!


It was my dad's birthday, so the whole family went out to dinner at Melisse.  It's definitely a restaurant for a special occasion, having been awarded 2 Michelin Stars and with an extensive chef's menu that can last 4 hours!

Amuse Bouche: Grape with goat cheese and pistachios.  In the spoon, a similar taste profile but with molecular gastronomy!  They were both wonderful.  :)

Bread: Typically bread is not super interesting, but they have a beautiful bread tray with several choices, including the basil brioche and the country roll here.  They also have a bacon roll and a few more delicious varieties.

Amuse Bouche #2: I can't quite remember what was in this.  Each layer of the glass had a different flavor, but they suggested pulling all three together with the tiny spoon.  The larger spoon had a crab salad.  Delicate and wonderful flavors!

1st Course, Lobster: My guy ordered this, along with another person at the table.  It was delicious, of course, and the plate is so beautiful!

1st Course, Lobster Bolognese: I ordered this dish, which has been the only one that has stayed on the menu since opening.  It is based on a typical bolognese dish, using lobster instead.  Simply delicious.  There's a reason that this is still on the menu!

1st Course:  I can't remember what this was exactly, but doesn't it look beautiful?  The colors alone are gorgeous.

2nd Course, Chef's Daily Seafood Selection: Once again, I can't remember exactly what it was...  However, I do know it was halibut with pea puree, and that it was delicious.

3rd Course, Truffle Crusted Dover Sole with Potato Gnocchi, Spinach, and Oyster Mushrooms: A beautiful fish served tableside with spinach and oyster mushrooms?  I'm sold!

3rd Course, "Cote de Boeuf Roti" for Two: My sister and her boyfriend ordered this huge tableside entree.  This is just one of the portions.  You can just imagine the size of it before it was served!

3rd Course, Elysian Farms Lamb with Artichoke, Carmelina Seeds, and Green Garlic: The plating is beautiful, right?  I love the little bit of salt and pepper, rather than having the shakers on the table.

For the desserts, we always like to share and since there were more of us than desserts, we each ordered a different one.  Yes!

Dessert, Strawberry, Rhubarb and Elderflower: Marinated strawberries and a little rhubarb cake.  This seems like a small portion, but all of the preceding courses were really large.  Perfect size!

Dessert, Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate:  I'm not kidding when I say that this was called chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.  A souffle in the foreground, a pudding on the right, and I think a tiny cake on the left.

Dessert, Cherimoya, Tangerine, and Tapioca: I ordered this one, simply because of the freshness!  The fruit was light and a perfect ending to the dinner.

Petit Fours: I love this part!  It included a tiny chocolate, strawberry, pate des fruits, macaron, canele, and chocolate chip cookie.


Nothing special.  :)


For lunch, we went out to Bai Plu for sushi and more.  I thought I would just take a few pictures.  :)

Cucumber Salad
Shrimp Spring Rolls


I met up with a friend to go to Joann's, but got side-tracked by the swap meet instead.  I got some goodies, which I'll share tomorrow, along with tips for swap meet hunters!




We went to brunch at Ecco, which was great.  We did my favorite thing, which is ordering a bunch of dishes and sharing them family style.  Yes!

First was a Mushroom Frittata, with crispy potatoes on top and fontina in the middle.  Mmm!

And for the lunch portion of the brunch, we had a Spinach and Egg Pizza.

Lastly, the French Toast Brioche.  I'm so glad that strawberries are back in season.  :)

Afterwards, we went to Blackmarket Bakery to just take a quick peek...  This is some serious food porn right here.

I actually took three times as many pictures of their breads, muffins, cookies, pound cakes, cakes, sticky buns, tarts, and even lunch boxes.  Just way too many things to share!  You must go.

You know my love affair with tarts!  (See here and here)

I just bought my favorite Florentine bar to give to my guy.  Seriously delicious!

Later that day, we went to Joann's to check out the fabric.  I walked away with 5 patterns from the Simplicity sale, yet again.

Then, we went to a Cinco de Mayo party and had a fun time.  :)


Back to the daily grind.  Later on that night, I made a couple of improvements to my blog.  I hope you like them!


Not too much to report, but I did go to our yogurt place again.  Here are our three creations.  Can you guess which is mine?

Option A: Dragonfruit yogurt, Chocolate yogurt, popping boba (two flavors), mochi, lychees

Option B: Plain tart, strawberries, blackberries, lychee, shredded coconut, mochi, Fruity Pebbles

Option C: Mango yogurt, french vanilla yogurt, mango, lychee, pineapple, nuts, and chocolate chips

Yes, we pick some odd combinations, but it's hard not to!  So, did you guess which one was mine?

Mine was... Option B!  Yes, I love my fruit and for some reason, I can never pass up the Fruity Pebbles.

This weekend, I don't have too much planned, but I'm excited to have some normal time at home.  :)


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