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Saturday Synopsis!

With the change in weather here in Southern California, all of my sewing projects and recipes have completely turned a corner.  No more capes and jackets, I'm looking forward to summer dresses and flowy tops!  Forget the stews and oatmeal bakes, I'm looking forward to salads and smoothies!

I think I'm going to start with this one because I just love piña coladas!  Yum!

Credit: Averie Cooks

Saturday Synopsis!

Monday: A recipe for Buttermilk Roast chicken to help you conquer your fears!  Well, only if you're scared of bone-in meats.  :)

Tuesday:  Sewing rewind: My first attempts at making clothing.  An elastic waist skirt, vest, shorts, and a dress.  Fun reminders of how far I've come!

Wednesday:  Weekly Wrap-up: Meals at Gushi, Spaghettini, and The Attic, swap meet finds & deals, learning stick shift, crafting with a friend, and shopping errands for Europe!

Thursday:  My new fall cape in pink!  Just in time for spring...  oops.

Friday: I seriously love my Chakoner.  I totally get why it's in the shape of a heart!  Marking patterns is actually fun now, which I NEVER thought I would say.


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